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Preview Features of the modernized interface

Learn how to access and find information about the modernized interface for WorldShare Circulation.

WorldShare Circulation's staff interface has been modernized and restyled to improve usability, navigation, and accessibility. 

A dedicated preview period for Circulation users will continue until at least July 2024. The preview period will allow your library to view and use the modernized screens while still being able to use the legacy interface.

Access the modernized interface

Use the Preview Features option in the left navigation menu to switch between the legacy and modernized versions of the interface. By default the modernized interface is disabled. 

 Note: An exact date has not been chosen for the retirement of the legacy interface.

 Caution: Switching between the legacy and modernized interfaces will reload your current session in all WorldShare staff applications. The system will close any records that you are not currently viewing and any unsaved changes will be lost. You must acknowledge that your session will be reloaded before proceeding.


Overview of the modernized interface

In general, the modernized interface has significantly improved usability, navigation, and accessibility. Features include:

  • Consistent placement and visual styling of tabs, buttons, data grids, and menus.
  • Consistent and intuitive cursor and element focus to help navigate through the interface with a keyboard.
  • A new font that makes it easier to differentiate a zero (0) from the letter O.
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities to change the order of columns in a data grid to customize how data is arranged.
  • Improved full-page printing of the pull list and other reports to reduce the amount of paper needed without sacrificing the amount of data included.
  • CSV export option for the pull list and pickup location report allowing you to manipulate and use the data outside of the Circulation interface.
  • A new calendar widget to make it easier to set and update dates and times for loan due dates, hold periods, and more.


  • Some screens do not change as you enable and disable the Preview Features toggle. For example, screens that are used across multiple WorldShare applications have not been modernized yet including: WorldCat bibliographic search results, local holdings record (LHR) management screens, and My Labels. In addition, two circulation features have not been modernized yet: room scheduling and the WMS patron system bill connector.
  • The scope of the modernization project is limited to the staff interface. WMS’s patron-facing applications (WorldCat Discovery and My Account) are not impacted by the modernization of the WorldShare staff interface.

New features

New Circulation features will be released exclusively in the modernized interface. Enable the Preview Features toggle to use the following new features during the preview period: