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Why does more than one item come up when I search for a barcode?

  • When you scan/enter a barcode number, the system brings up one or more extra results instead of going directly to an LHR. Typically, the extra result(s) is/are associated with unknown barcode number(s).
  • When you enter a barcode, a different item appears.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation

This is how you can purge the unknown barcode number from Circulation:

  1. Make sure that the unknown barcode has been removed from field 87X, subfield $r of the LHR.

    1. When in the LHR, click "View/Edit in MARC21".

    2. Find the field with the barcode numbers and delete any extra ones, along with the $r before them.

  2. Create a new item with the unknown barcode in the current barcode field. This will help Circulation to unlink the two.
  3. Delete the newly created record if it is not needed.

If this does not work, try making a change to the LHR attached to the barcode number in WorldShare Record Manager, then changing it back.

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