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Find information about the Checkouts tab of My Account, where library users can view their list of checked-out items.

The Checkouts tab lists all items that are currently checked out to the user, including both local items and Interlibrary Loan items. 

  • Requests initiated in Tipasa will include Request Details: [Request ID] in the Due Date column.

 Note: If the Display long overdue items with active loans in My Account setting in the Long Overdue and Lost Policies module of the OCLC Service Configuration is enabled, long overdue items will display in My Account. If disabled, long overdue items will not appear in the display count for Checked out items in My Account.

Column Description
  • The Title column displays the title (or journal title and article title), author, format, call number, and shelving location of the item checked out by the user. 
  • Sort checked out items alphabetically by title.
  • If the requested item has an OCLC number:
    • Cover art will display. Clicking the cover art will take the user to the item details in WorldCat Discovery. 
    • The title is hyperlinked to the item record in WorldCat Discovery.
  • If the item does not have an OCLC number, default cover art will display and no link to WorldCat Discovery is provided. 
  • As of 21 September, My Account will display the current call number and shelving location of items that are on loan to a patron. This information is intended to help patrons identify each item on loan.

Due Date
  • View the exact date and time the item is due.
  • Sort checked out items by due date.
  • View how many days before the item is due or if an item is overdue. 
    • Overdue fees associated with a checked out item will display to the patron in the Status column.
  • View the number of times an item has been previously renewed.
  • The total number of overdue items will appear at the top of the Status column.
  • View Recalled items. Recalled items cannot be renewed.

Renew items

  1. Select individual items or use the Select All button to renew multiple items at once.
    • Select All selects all the items available for selection which are visible on the page. If you have more than 25 items, select the Show More option to display the next 25 items and click the Select All checkbox. Only selected items visible on the page will be processed for renewal.
  2. Click on the Renew Items button.
  3. A confirmation window appears with the number of items to renew.
  4. Select Renew to confirm the renewal process. Select Cancel to return to the checkouts screen.

A confirmation message will appear at the top of the Checkouts tab indicating which items were renewed and which items were not able to be renewed.

If your library subscribes to Tipasa and Tipasa and Circulation integration is enabled, the Renew option will only display for items borrowed from another library if Tipasa’s Patron Request Management settings allow patrons to renew ILL requests online.

  • The item’s due date in My Account will match the user’s Circulation account.
  • For the initial checkout, integration sets the item’s due date to the more restrictive of the Circulation Loan Policy and Tipasa due date including any due date offset set in Tipasa’s Patron Settings.
    • The user will not see a new due date for borrowed items after requesting a renewal of borrowed items in My Account.
      • Renewal requests will be submitted directly to the lending library for approval.
      • If the lender does not renew the request, the initial due date will not be updated.
      • If the lender approves the renewal, library staff must update the borrowed item’s due date manually in WorldShare Circulation after which the new due date will appear to the user in My Account.
        • Tipasa staff should monitor the Renewal Approved queue to identify recently-renewed loans.
        • You can also use tags to keep track of requests and their Circulation status.  See Tags for more information.

Items not renewed

When an item fails to be renewed, specific error messages appear in the Checkouts tab to help the user take appropriate action to complete the renewal.

Specific renewal error messages appear when:

  • The account is expired or blocked from circulation
  • The user owes too much in library fees
  • The user has too many overdue items
  • The item is needed to fulfill another patron's hold or item scheduling request
  • A system error occurred while attempting the renewal

Any other conflict with Circulation policies will result in a generic error message indicating that renewals are not allowed. 

If a user selects more than one item to renew, then item-specific failure messages display for each item that fails to renew. A list of successfully renewed items will continue to be displayed in the confirmation message.