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Unable to log into the Digby app on an Android phone.

Applies to
  • Digby            

An institution has to register to activate the Digby service.  Once the Digby welcome email has been sent to your institution, you can expect to be able to sign into the app.  If you had attempted to sign into the Digby app before registering, please re-install the app.  To check if an institution is registered for access to Digby, please contact OCLC Order services.

Here are some things to troubleshoot about the phone and its settings:

  • What Android version is running on the phone?  Digby only works with Android version 7 and newer.
  • Are you using the latest version of Chrome?  If not, please update to the current version.
  • Is Chrome set as the default browser on the phone?  Digby will only work with Chrome set as the default.
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