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What should I do when I get the message "Limit reached" in Digby?

  • User gets the message "Limit reached" when scanning barcodes into Digby. 
Applies to
  • Digby
  • WorldShare Circulation 

The "Limit reached" message appears when you've scanned a thousand records in one session. You can clear this message by clicking the Remove all items link on the left hand side under the count of items processed. When you scan a barcode into Digby it is run against your database immediately and the statistics are saved into the reporting tables as if you'd done the work from a desk in a browser. The Remove all items link just clears the cache of earlier scans that appear in Digby's display. It doesn't impact the transactions because they have already occurred.

Additional information

If you are concerned about getting a list of the transactions you performed while working on Digby, you can get a list by clicking the Share link. That will produce an Excel file with a list of all the barcodes scanned and the outcome of the scan. 

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