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Check out

Learn how to perform a standard check out.

Standard check out

  1. In the left panel Assist Patrons area, scan or type the patron barcode in the Enter barcode box. If you type the number, click Go or press <Enter>. The Checkout tab of the patron record appears.
  2. In the Enter barcode box, scan or type the barcode for the item. If you type the number, click Go or press <Enter>. The item appears in the list of checked out items. The system assigns the due date specified in the Loan Policy or the due date specified by the staff member at check out. 
  3. Scan or type the barcodes for any additional items.
  4. After checking out or renewing the last item, the check box (first column on the left) is automatically checked so you can choose whether to print or email a receipt. To print or email another receipt, check the boxes for the items and click Receipt.

(Optional). You can also print or send an email by putting the cursor in the Enter Barcode box and pressing <Enter>.

You can look up a patron if the patron barcode is unavailable. See Look up patron.

Due dates automatically move

There are two situations in which the system will automatically move a due date. If a due date occurs:

  1. Within a period that the library is closed, the system moves it to the next date the library is open.
  2. After the expiration of a patron's library membership, the system moves it prior to the expiration date.

Default receipt option

Once a receipt option is selected, it will be the default receipt option until either:

  • Another receipt option is selected
  • The browser history is cleared

Configure columns

 Note: Preferences are retained per your user account.

Watch a video

Check out

Run time: 4:38

In this video, you’ll learn how to check out materials in WorldShare Circulation, including searching for patrons who have forgotten their library card, and printing or emailing due date receipts.