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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldShare Circulation application. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Current issues


Issue Details

Call number browsing returns unexpected results

Call number browsing returns unexpected results for some institutions.

Identified: July 2021

Workaround: Use call number searching or browse call numbers in Record Manager.


Staff cannot check out items using Digby

Some library staff see an invalid permissions message when attempting to look up a patron by barcode in Digby checkout. 

Identified: April 2021

Workaround: Staff users with at least one of the following roles are able to check out items in Digby:

  • Circulation Admin
  • User Admin
  • User Manager
  • Acquisitions Admin
  • Collection Manager Admin
  • Collection Manager Supervisor
  • License Manager Admin
  • License Mangaer Supervisor
  • WorldCat Discovery Admin
  • WorldShare ILL Admin

Offline Client and POS Printer Server Application do not run from the Start Menu on Java versions later than Java 8u162

Later versions of Java 8 introduced a bug which will fail to launch applications from the Start Menu of your workstation.

Note: Java 9 and higher are not yet supported.

Identified: May 2018

Workaround: Install Java SE Runtime Environment 8u162 or earlier to run the Offline Client and POS printer application from your workstation's Start Menu. If you must run a later version of Java 8, you can still run the applications by executing the JNLP files directly (i.e. wms-offline-circulation.jnlp and wms-posprinter-server.jnlp).

Fixed issues


Fixed issues - Table
Issue Fix date

Receipts and report tables do not print

Staff are unable to print circulation receipts, the pull list, or the clear hold shelf report. The print preview/report dialog has no content.

May 2021

Staff hold note is removed 

The staff hold note value is incorrectly deleted when a patron edits the related hold in My Account.

April 2021

Material formats not translated in notifications and receipts

The description of an item's material format in circulation notifications and receipts is not provided in the correct language. All values are English, e.g., BOOK instead of Livre.

December 2020

Branch Locations configuration does not render some characters correctly

When managing branch sublocations in Service Configuration, some characters are incorrectly displayed as HTML entities, e.g., apostrophes are replaced by '. This display problem is limited to the Branch Locations configuration pages.

December 2020



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