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Create a room event (reservation)

Learn how to use Room Scheduling to create a reservation for your patrons.

Once you have set up the rooms at your institution, you can begin reserving rooms for patrons. Follow the steps below to create a room reservation.

 Note: Room events cannot be edited once you have saved the event. If you need to edit an event for any reason, you have to delete the event and recreate it with the updated information.

  1. On the left navigation, click Room Scheduling.
  2. Click Browse Rooms.
  3. Find the room for which you want to reserve a time. See Browse Rooms for details.
  4. On the room's screen, use the calendar to search for the date and time you want to create the event.
    • You can change the calendar's view by clicking Day, Week, or List on the right side of the screen.
    • Click Go to today (Day view) or Go to this week (Week view) to return to the current day or week.
  5. If you are using the Day or Week view, click and drag the green line to create the event.
  6. If you are using the List view, click Create Event.
  7. On the New Event page, in the Event field, enter the name of the event.
  8. In the Patron field, enter the patron barcode for the patron that is reserving the room. If you do not know the patron's barcode:
    1. Enter their name in the Patron field, and click Find.
    2. In the Search for Patron window, locate the correct patron.
    3. If you need to perform an additional search, you can select an index from the Search list, enter your search terms in the field, and click Search.
    4. Click the Patron name to add them to the event.
  9. Optional. Enter the Organization that is holding the event.
  10. Optional. Enter the Number of Attendees.
  11. Optional. Enter any Notes about the event.
  12. Optional. Edit the Event Start and Event End time and date.
    • Click the calendar button (Calendar button) to select a new date and time, or edit the date and time in the Event Start and Event End fields.
    • You can also edit the start and end date using the calendar. Click the arrows at the top to select a new date, and click and drag the green line to create the event.
  13. Optional. Edit the Duration or click and drag the gray buttons in the calendar to increase or decrease the duration of the event.
  14. Click Create Event.