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Does WMS support inventorying via the SIP2 protocol?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation

The SIP2 protocol does not have an inventory message.

Additional information

WMS libraries can use a third-party solution to conduct inventory. 

  1. Scan items to build a list and then manually compare that list to the Circulation Item Inventories file.
    1. Some solutions can connect to WMS via SIP2’s Item Information message as items are scanned to get item details for display/reporting, e.g., title, author, call number, etc.
  2. Load the WMS FTP Circulation Item Inventories file into the third-party solution. Their inventory software can immediately alert/report missing items and identify unknown/uncataloged items.


Built-in inventory options for WMS assume that items will be processed one at a time, i.e. library staff won’t be able to put five items on an RFID scanning bed, etc.

  1. Circulation staff interface: Use the inventory mode on the Check-In screen to scan items one at a time. Scans update item statistics: inventoried count & last-inventoried date.
  2. Digby inventory: Scan one item at a time using Digby’s camera or pair the mobile device with any Bluetooth-enabled scanner. Scans update the item’s statistics: inventoried count & last-inventoried date. An Excel report can be generated from the app.
  3. WMS Circulation API: Use the API to build a custom integration/application to inventory items in WMS, i.e. update the item’s statistics: inventoried count & last-inventoried date. Same workflow supported by numbers 1 & 2 above.
  4. Digby shelf reading: Scan an item to get a list of materials in call number order and then mark items as found/not found in the app. This workflow does not update WMS’s item statistics. An Excel report of items found/not found can be generated from the app.

Options 1-3 write inventory statistics to WMS that are available in the staff interface, the weekly Circulation Item Inventories file, and WorldShare Report Designer (Circulation Item Status universe). These statistics make it easier to identify materials that were not recently inventoried.

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