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Why is an item not automatically renewed?


Automatic Renewal is turned on, but an item has not been automatically renewed.

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation 

When automatic renewal is turned on, an item will not be renewed if:

  • The patron account has expired
  • The patron account is blocked
  • The patron account is in breach of policy. For example, other items are overdue.
  • The loan limit has been exceeded. For example, an item has been renewed more times than allowed by Renew Time Limit.
  • The loan limit has been exceeded via staff override. For example, staff acknowledged that the total loan value exceeds the limit when checking out a new item.
  • The loan policy specifies a fixed bill for renewals
  • The item has been recalled
  • The item is needed to fulfill a hold or item schedule

If you cannot determine the reason the item is not automatically renewing, contact OCLC Support. Include the barcode of the affected item(s).

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