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Manuals and Training Guides

Find PDF manuals and training for features in Amlib.

Authorities Training
(3.6MB, 25 February 2013)
Authority control training manual.

Bibliographies Training Guide
(3.3MB, 14 August 2014)
Bibliographic training guide.

Catalogue Training - Full Guide
(4.8MB, 13 March 2013)
Catalogue training manual covering Catalogue and Stockitem creation and maintenance.

Catalogue Training - Short Guide for Online Training
(1.7MB, 26 February 2013) 
Catalogue training manual covering Catalogue and Stockitem creation and maintenance.  Short guide for online training.

Circulation Finance Training
(3.5MB, 26 February 2013) 
Circulation Finance manual.

Circulation Training Manual- Advanced Circulation
(4.1MB, 25 February 2013)
Advanced circulation manual.

Finance and Orders Manual
(5MB, 21 August 2013) 
Finance and Orders manual covering budget creation, funds allocation, order creation, receiving and invoicing.

Group Security Manual
(1MB, 26 February 2013) 
Implementing Group Security manual.

Hot Tips Training
(3.4MB, 25 February 2013) 
Hot Tips Training Manual - covering a variety of popular topics, inc. Borrower Addresses, Stockitem definitions, Catalogue options, Periodical Circulation Lists, Borrower Update Reports and Saved Files.

Inter-Library Loan Manual
(1.8MB, 13 March 2013) 
Manual for using the Amlib Inter Library Loan module.

Introductory Training
(6MB, 12 March 2013) 
Introduction to Amlib Training Manual - covering navigation, usernames, searching, importing borrowers, loan rules, circulation and cataloging.

Item Processing Training
(4.6MB, 25 February 2013) 
Item Processing manual.

Local History Guide
(2.8MB, 25 February 2013) 
Managing local history collections in Amlib including tags/codes to be added, supervisor settings, adding documents, adding images and Master/ Subsidiary.

OpenOPAC Manual
(5.1MB, 15 September 2014) 
OpenOPAC Training Manual.

Periodicals Manual
(3.6MB, 12 March 2013) 
Periodicals Training Manual.

Reports Training - Basic Reports
(2.7MB,  19 September 2014) 
Basic Reports training manual.

Reports Training - Advanced Reports
(4.2MB, 26 February 2013) 
Advanced reports training manual.

RepWin Report Writer Manual
(2.6MB, 26 February 2013) 
Editing Amlib reports using Report Writer (RepWin).

School Tasks in Amlib
(4.5MB, 25 February 2013) 
School Tasks in Amlib training manual - covering school-related tasks such as Borrower imports, picture imports, start of year tasks, changing due dates, Master/Subsidiary relationships, e-Content, ClickView, SCIS Images.

Searching Training - Advanced Searching
(1.4MB, 25 February 2013) 
Advanced searching training guide.

Searching Training - Basics
(3.4MB, 2 January 2013) 
Searching in Amlib training guide.

SLWA Statistics Training
(1.1MB, 26 February 2013) 
Statistics manual for SLWA Libraries.

Statistics Training
(2.6MB, 26 February 2013) 
Statistics Manual covering Statistics gathering in the Amlib client and NetOpacs and the running of Statistics Reports.

Stocktake Manual
(2.6MB, 9 September 2015) 
Stocktake training manual covering both online and offline stocktakes.

System Management - Parameters
(4.3MB, 26 February 2013) 
Managing the Library System. Defaults / Parameters within Supervisor amd other applications.

System Management - Tasks
(3.7MB, 26 February 2013) 
Daily, monthly and periodical system tasks, find and clear log files, calendar, catalogue maintenance, authority maintenance, stockitem and borrower maintenance, backup.

Where Search Training
(1.4MB, 26 February 2013) 
Where searches training manual.