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WorldCat Discovery enhancements digest

The WorldCat Discovery Enhancements Digest is a summary of new features and enhancements that have been added to WorldCat Discovery since January 2019. In the digest you will find recommended actions for enhancements that require libraries to configure/enable new functionality, as well as a comprehensive listing of recently released enhancements categorized by functional area.

Recommended actions

Actions that require a library decision to enable in WorldCat Discovery.

Recommended action Release date Related Links
Libraries using OpenAthens and WorldShare ILL: encode your remote access login URL October 2023 OCLC Service Configuration
Leverage enhanced sign-in configuration for WorldShare Identity libraries July 2023 July WorldShare Identity Management release notes
Configure the new WorldShare ILL Request Form February 2023, March 2023, May 2023, June 2023, July 2023 WorldShare ILL Release Notes, May 2023
Do a quick accessibility check on your library's WorldCat Discovery Instance August 2022 OCLC Service Configuration
Specify knowledge base order to promote either open access content or licensed content June 2022 WorldShare Collection Manager Release Notes, June 2022
Configure Search history functionality  March 2022 OCLC Service Configuration
Configure Save search functionality  March 2022 OCLC Service Configuration
Consider auditing your WorldCat Discovery search results and item details pages with the ‘Accessibility Insights for the Web’ tool to ensure that your branding choices are accessible. February 2022  
Configure navigation bar 'Resources' menu label November 2021 OCLC Service Configuration

Configure default sort of availability detail 

August 2021

OCLC Service Configuration

Automatically redirect users to interlibrary loan option when local items are unavailable for Place Hold

July 2021

OCLC Service Configuration

Branding configuration has been updated to clearly indicate which settings are applicable in the redesigned interface

July 2021

OCLC Service Configuration

Configure color for navigational bar and visited/unvisited links now available  June 2021

OCLC Service Configuration

Configure availability to highlight a single location or display an availability summary 

June 2021

OCLC Service Configuration

Customize the Access Options panel label May 2021  
We encourage WMS, Group Catalogs and Discovery Premium institutions to consider the new metadata fields for “Includes” and “Issued With” added to the item detail display. Institutions may choose the appropriate label and where to include these fields through metadata configuration if desired. April 2021  
Try the new item details metadata configuration options and view the resulting display in your library’s preview of the modernized interface March 2021  
Preview the WorldCat Discovery redesigned interface  December 2020


Update Level 1 WMS place hold form to support WMS circulation pick-up improvements

October 2020

Configure 856 links to surface full text and open access resources

August 2020

OCLC Service Configuration

Configure a custom notification July 2020  
Enhance My Account experience June 2020
Editions and formats display will reflect new edition grouping options May 2020 Search Settings
New options for grouping edition clusters in search results
Configure your search using authority files April 2020 Search Settings
Update labels for customized filters in the drop-down menus
Configure intuitive display of Print DDA fulfillment options March 2020 Local holdings records collection
Configure or confirm custom translations in Service Configuration modules if desired January 2020
Update filter labels December 2019 Search Settings
Adjust order of filters December 2019 Search Settings
Configure LibKey Discovery/BrowZine integration December 2019 BrowZine
Update new translation fields where needed November 2019
StackMap users, review the StackMap display option October 2019 StackMap
Review and update new Search settings module September 2019 Search Settings
Search databases not in the central index May 2019
Browse shelves virtually at WMS libraries May 2019 Browse the Shelf to view nearby items
Navigate from electronic items to physical items January 2019 OPAC Statuses, Locations and Circulation Policies
Navigate to other locally-held formats on search results January 2019 User Interface Options
Locate items in the library with StackMap integration January 2019 Locate items in the library with StackMap
Save search box generator configuration for reuse January 2019

New features by functional area

Search results

Enhancements that aim to improve the relevance and usability of the search results page.

Search tools

Enhancements that aid users in acting on search results.

Detailed record

Enhancements that improve the interpretation of MARC data for end users and help users navigate to other editions and formats.

Access and Availability

Enhancements that help users consistently and intuitively obtain items

WMS / Group Availability and Place Hold

Full text/Access Online links

Open Access and Freely Available Content

Enhancements that align to OCLC’s mission to privilege open access and freely available content.

Advanced Search

Enhancements that extend the functionality of advanced searching.

Course Reserves

Enhancements that improve the management and discovery of lists of materials reserved for courses 

Service Configuration

Enhancements that directly and significantly impact OCLC Service Configuration. Some smaller configuration changes are simply listed within a given enhancement. 

My Account

Enhancements that help users maintain their WorldCat Discovery account profile.


Enhancements that help to make WorldCat Discovery usable and accessible for all.


General updates that impact multiple pages within the interface / Enhancements that help libraries better communicate with their patrons.  

3rd Party Integrations

Enhancements that create an integration between WorldCat Discovery and a 3rd party vendor. These require a vendor subscription to access.

Prominent bug fixes

More pervasive changes that impact the majority of WorldCat Discovery users. Most smaller bug fixes are not included here.