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Locate items in the library with StackMap

Learn how to locate items in your library using StackMap with WorldCat Discovery.

StackMap is an indoor mapping solution and way-finding tool designed to help users physically locate items and explore spaces. WorldShare Management Services institutions and WorldCat Discovery premium subscribers can integrate StackMap directly within the WorldCat Discovery interface.  

Please see StackMap for configuration information.

StackMap links 

Once enabled, StackMap links will appear with the configured button text on search results, the Access Options panel, the local copies list, and the Browse the Shelf section of the item detail record.

Search results (Image)
Access Options panel (Image)
Item Detail screen (Image)
  • StackMap can be configured to display the StackMap link only for items that are physically available or for all items. To configure this setting, see StackMap configuration.
  • StackMap links will appear regardless of the item's availability.

 Note: You must configure item availability on search results to display StackMap links. See Item Availability on Search Results for more information.  

StackMap library map 

Click on the StackMap link to open a library map in a modular window.  The map indicates the location of the item, including any directions configured in StackMap.  Options include:

  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Entire Map
  • Print