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Learn how to integrate your BrowZine subscription into WorldCat Discovery.

To access this screen, sign in Service Configuration, open the Third-Party Integrations left navigation, select BrowZine.

If your library has subscriptions to WorldCat Discovery and Third Iron Complete or LibKey, use the settings on this page to integrate BrowZine functionality within WorldCat Discovery. When enabled, full text PDF links will display for items available through LibKey Discovery and will allow users to link out to browse articles within the same journal and most recent issue of the journal on the BrowZine platform.

  • When a search result for an article in WorldCat Discovery contains a DOI and LibKey returns a link to browse the issue the article is from, the link will appear in the WorldCat Discovery interface under the Browse Related Articles accordion. The links will display as Explore articles from this issue of [insert journal title]. Selecting this link will take a user to the location of the article within the issue of the journal in BrowZine.

For more information about how LibKey functionality appears in WorldCat Discovery, see LibKey Discovery search results.

This functionality can be configured in the WorldCat Discovery interface and/or in the WorldCat A - Z List.

To enable BrowZine integration:

  1. In OCLC Service Configuration, go to Third-Party Integrations > BrowZine.
  2. Enter subscription information in the following fields:
    • Provide Library ID   Note: This information is provided by the third-party vendor.
    • Provide Access Token
  3. Use the toggle buttons to enable BrowZine integrations to appear:
    • Display in WorldCat Discovery
    • Display in WorldCat A - Z List
  4. Click Save.