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Amlib VDX ILL Email allows for the receipt of a structured email sent from OCLC’s VDX Inter-Library Loans System.


  • Overview
    Find information about the features and applications of Amlib VDX ILL Email.
  • Supervisor settings
    Learn how to setup supervisor parameters, enter email server details for individual locations, setup the VDX location, set group permissions, and check digit setup for Amlib VDX ILL Email.
  • Stockitem settings
    Learn how to set Stockitem form settings and ILL default settings for Amlib VDX ILL Email.
  • Set a schedule to automatically process VDX requests
    Learn how to use the Amlib Configuration Manager to set a schedule to automatically process VDX requests in Amlib.
  • Option to process emails manually
    In lieu of setting up automatic schedules to create the Stockitems, ILLs and Reservations in Amlib, learn how to process emails manually.
  • Record display in Amlib
    Find examples of how Stockitem, ILL, and Reservation records display in Amlib.