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Set a schedule to automatically process VDX requests

Learn how to use the Amlib Configuration Manager to set a schedule to automatically process VDX requests in Amlib.

When a request is placed on VDX, a structured email is sent to the POP3 mailbox configured in the Supervisor > Installation setting POP3 server login. The Amlib Configuration Manager scheduler can check this mailbox according to a predefined schedule and push the request/s into Amlib.

  1. Launch the Amlib Configuration Manager on the server
  2. Select the VDX Email tab
  3. Using the dropdown boxes enter your preferred cycle for automatic processing. We recommend processing on a Daily basis at intervals during the day, for example this schedule is set up to process once every hour, on the hour. Click the Calculate button to see what time the next scheduled run is due
  4. Ensure the Enabled box is ticked
  5. Click the Service button – the Service prompt will display
  6. Ensure the Service Status is Running
  7. If not, click the Restart button and then the Close button
  8. Use the Save button to save all settings and the Exit button to close the Amlib Configuration Manager. The service only needs to be scheduled once and will then process any emails that come from VDX to the configured mailboxes at this interval.
  9. As ILL requests are pushed into Amlib according to the schedule, notification emails can be sent to library staff using the email addresses set in the Supervisor > Installation screen VDX Email address for alerts and VDX CC Email address for alerts address fields (see Amlib Supervisor Settings above)