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I want to set up a new group in ILLiad and I want to make it so none of the borrowing libraries are billed

  • You want to set up a new group in ILLiad and you want that group to be set up to not be billed when you are lending to them
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

There are two options you can follow after you have set up your Group in ILLiad.

  1. Go to each library in the list make sure the Article Billing Category and the Loan Billing Category are both set to Exempt.
  2.  Set up a new Category in the ILLiad Customization Manager in the Billing Defaults and make the fees zero:

      A.  Go to the Customization Manager and then to the BillingDefaults table.
      B.  Go to the Lending Process and Highlight a Billing Category that is Exempt right now and copy the record.
      C.  After typing in the new group name for the Category, press enter and then save the change.
      D.  Repeat this process for each record that is exempt for the Different Document Types under the Lending Process.

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