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I just installed the ILLiad client, but the ILLiad Customization Manager will not open

  • You installed the ILLiad Client and it is working, but the Customization Manager will not open
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

You need to make sure your ATLAS SQL Alias Manager is set up correctly by following these steps:

  1. Open up the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager by right-clicking your shortcut and "Run as Administrator",
  2. Under ILLiad you should have Logon (Default).
  3. If you only see Logon, you need to click on Logon and then click on "Set Default (local machine)." 
  4. If you do not see Logon (Default), then you need to click on New and then ILLiad.
  5. Point to the c:\program files ( x86)\ILLiad and double-click on the Logon.dbc (or whatever name you called your .dbc file)
  6. This process will bring the information into the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager.  You will need to save it and then Set Default (local machine).
Additional information

The issue is that the ILLiad Client can run if the Logon.dbc is in the ILLiad Folder, but the rest of the modules, such as the Customization Manager, Billing Manager, Database Manager, and the Electronic Delivery Utility, all need the ATLAS SQL Alias Manager set up as the default (local machine) for the Logon.

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