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SIP2 Manager procedure

Find information about SIP2 settings.


  • Overview
    Find an overview of the Amlib SIP2 Manager procedure.
  • SIP2 Server and service
    Learn about the Amlib SIP2 server process and find information about error handling and maintenance.
  • AmlibSIP2Service settings
    Learn about the Amlib SIP2 Service settings, including the General tab, Log on, and Recovery tab.
  • Configuration Manager
    Learn about the Amlib Systems tab, SIP2 Server tab, and the Logging tab in the Amlib SIP2 Configuration Manager.
  • SIP2 Manager after version 6.0 upgrade
    Find information about the Amlib SIP2 Manager after upgrading to version 6.0.
  • SIP2 Request: response stages
    Find a flowchart of the response stages in an Amlib SIP2 request.
  • SIP2 Manager
    Find login instructions, information about menus, and how to create, edit, and delete a listener in Amlib SIP2 Manager.
  • Create a new instance
    Learn how to create a new instance, copy an existing instance, copy from a vendor, create a default instance, edit an instance, and delete an instance in Amlib SIP2.
  • Convert DIY
    Find information about the conversion process  which will create the SIP2 Master Messages for the selected Vendor in Amlib.
  • Parameters
    Learn about parameters in Amlib SIP2.
  • Source types and examples
    Find information and examples about source types in Amlib SIP2.
  • Edit Messages
    Learn how to use the Instance Messages window to add a new message, edit fields, edit values, and delete instant messages in Amlib SIP2.
  • ParametersToCheck
    ParametersToCheck is special field in response messages except Status and is used by the Amlib SIP2 Server to perform validation and depending on the result, set field values in the response message or stop processes such as Checkout.
  • ParametersToProcess
    Learn about the four available ParametersToProcess in Amlib SIP2, which may be used to allow certain processes to proceed if a defined situation occurs.
  • Parameters - Messages Interaction
    Find a Memo and Borrower Memo Count example in the Amlib SIP2 Manager.
  • Special screen messages
    Learn how to apply a reservation message parameter and a borrower memo parameter in Amlib SIP2.
  • Media Types
    Learn how to customise PDF help files and find information about SIP2 Messages and fields supported by vendor type.
  • Master message parameters
    Find information about the request and response message types in Amlib SIP2 Manager.
  • Flowcharts
    Find overview flowcharts for the SIP2 Manager, Messages, and Parameters.
  • Glossary
    Find definitions for terms involved with the Amlib SIP2 Manager.
  • Clarifications
    Find clarifications for the Borrower table in Amlib SIP2.
  • DIY Parameters applicable to SIP2
    Find information about the Borrower type parameters applicable to Amlib SIP2.