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Parameters - Messages Interaction

Find a Memo and Borrower Memo Count example in the Amlib SIP2 Manager.

In Version 5.3 and previous Versions the Amlib DIY parameter indicated the Message, whether to Proceed and the Parameter Number

In the new SIP2 Manager, a parameter exists on the Parameter table for the Instance , as well as being used in the special message field as a ParametersToCheck . Each Parameter on the Table could be used various times within the Master Messages. For example used for Checkout Response, Hold Response, Patron Status Response etc.

Example : Memo count

Borrower Memo Count

Previous DIY Value: 2

Appears on the Parameter table

Parameter Type: Patron

Source Type: Action

Target Type: Integer Value

Messages: Can be Included as a Checkout Response (Message 12) – Parameters to Check

Also available in other Master Messages from the Value Drop-down for Parameters to Check