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Configuration Manager

Learn about the Amlib Systems tab, SIP2 Server tab, and the Logging tab in the Amlib SIP2 Configuration Manager.

The SIP2 server uses settings in the AmlibConfig.xml file maintained by the Amlib Configuration Manager. This file is saved in the Application data folder depending on the operating system. For example in Windows 7, it is saved in ProgramData/OCLC/Amlib SIP2 Server/ AmlibConfig.xml. In XP it is held in Documents and Settings/All Users/Application data/OCLC/Amlib SIP2 Server/AmlibConfig.xml

The settings are:

Amlib Systems tab
  • Amlib Database definition – Database Prefix and Description etc

SIP2 Server tab
  • Database Prefix (must be configured in the Amlib Systems tab)
  • TCP/IP Port Number for the SIP2 Server to listen for SIP2 Client connections
  • Maximum Number of Concurrent connections (thread pool) – Number of connections that you wish to allow at the same time through the port. This will depend on the type of connections – whether they are Self Issue devices or Ebook patron verifiers. The setting here should also be equal to or greater than the No of Licences set in the SIP2 Manager
  • Changing any of these setting requires a restart of the service

Note: Ensure that there are enough Computer resources (for example Memory) to allow for the No of connections specified – especially if set to a high number

Logging tab
  • Debug logging enabled - if enabled all message data is logged. Errors are always logged by default
  • Maximum log file size (MBytes)
  • Number of archived log files
  • Changing any of these setting requires a restart of the service