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What should I plan to do if I am planning on switching to RemoteAuth Authentication in ILLiad

  • You are switching from your current Authentication to RemoteAuth Authentication and you want to know what you should be prepared to do
Applies to
  • ILLiad

Here is what you need to know about RemoteAuth Authentication:

  1. You can either use the ILLiad SAML authentication following the instructions on the How do I use the ATLAS Integrated SAML on my Server? page. Or you can set up through EZproxy.
  2. If you are going to use EZproxy, then on the ILLiad Hosted sites, you can use EZproxy as a third party between ILLiad and your authentication mechanism.  You need to follow the instructions for the Integrate ILLiad with your local authentication system via EZproxy documentation.
  3. Here is some additional information about the different authentication methods with the EZproxy Authentication Methods documentation.
  4. Consider your RemoteAuthWebLogoutURL.  If you are using EZproxy, you should be signing out of your EZproxy site.  So if the sign in address is, then the key value you should have in the RemoteAuthWebLogoutURL is  So when you sign out of ILLiad, you are also signing out of EZproxy.  That way, you can sign back into EZproxy immediately if you need to.
  5. Also, the Setting up Remote Authentication in ILLiad 9.2 documentation.
  6. If your usernames are going to change, then you can either have the patrons sign in and register.  Then you will merge the patrons.  Or we can help you with the changeover with the Usernames.  If you are hosted, please contact OCLC Support for more information.
  7. If you are self-hosted and need help with the changeover of the Usernames, please contact OCLC Support.
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