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I forgot to submit copyright information for the past six months. How can I add copyright information?

  • You set up a routing rule to bypass copyright, or you skipped looking up copyright for several months and you want to know how to fix it so you correctly submit copyright
Applies to
  • ILLiad 

If you bypassed Copyright, then when you go to the Requests that should require payment, you do the following:

1.  Inside the request, click on the Copyright tab.
2.  Do a Gateway search.
3.  Determine what is the correct copyright price and then click on Save Copyright Information.

Once you have completed all the Copyright information, you can wait until the end of the year and submit the Copyright information beginning in January of Next year if the months are part of the current year, or determine what you will do about the Copyright and how you will pay it.  If the months are all part of this year, you are okay if you want to send it next year.  If not, then you need to submit the information to be paid for the previous year.


When you are ready to Submit copyright, you follow the Submitting Copyright Orders documentation.

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