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ILLiad Fill Rate statistics gives a higher total if you look at each month and total it for the year rather than just looking at the year

  • If you get each month's totals and add them up, then compare that total to if you run the report for the year, the number for the months is more than for the year.
Applies to
  • ILLiad Web Reports Fill Rate Statistics

When you look at a monthly report, a request can be in the "submitted "and "In Process" for two or more months.  So the same number can come up twice or more if you look at each month for a year and get the total.  Also, if you edit a record, and change its status, then a request can show up two or more months.  The more trustworthy of the numbers for the Fill Rate Statistics is the full year report if you are looking over the entire year.  If you want to compare January of 2018 versus January of 2017, then looking at months is more appropriate.


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