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How do I set up a Z39.50 connection to Alma from ILLiad?

  • You want to set up a Z39.50 connection to Alma with ILLiad so that when you are in the ILLiad Client, you can do a Z39.50 query to Alma
Applies to
  • ILLiad

If you want to set up the Z39.50 connection to Alma, you will need to do this in the Customization Manager following these steps.

  1. Open up the ILLiad Customization Manager.
  2. Beside the Customization tab, click on the Z39.50 tab.
  3. Click on the New drop-down and choose "Other."
  4. I have a screenshot of an example of how the settings should be set up.  Make sure you do not add any spaces because spaces count in ILLiad and will cause your connection to fail.  You will need to update the Server name and possibly the Database name.


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