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Connexion client version 2.63 documentation

Find documentation for the Windows-based Connexion client.

 Note: If you are using Connexion client version 3.0 or newer, visit Connexion client for applicable documentation.

Connexion Support scope

OCLC Support is limited to settings internal to the Connexion Client software. OCLC Support can provide instructions but will no longer direct the work on registry settings, local software, or local hardware.

Changes to your local workstation configuration will require direct assistance from local IT support.

Get started


Quick reference


Create and edit records

  • Create name authority records
    Create name authority records online or via batch, using a workform, deriving from an existing record, or generating from a name heading.
  • Edit authority records
    Basic techniques and special functions for editing records.
  • Take actions on authority records
    Take actions on authority records interactively or via batch processing.
  • Use authority constant data
    Create, apply, find, and manage online and local constant data records.
  • Save authority records
    Save records in the online or local authority save file; search for save files and navigate the results; delete records from the save files.

    Control headings in bibliographic records

Import and export records

Batch processing overview



  • Use client interface
    Other version: en español
    Instructions for using the client main window, menu commands, keyboard shortcuts, toolbar, status bar, dialog windows, records, and lists.

Local files

  • Manage local files
    Other version: en español
    Instructions for using local files for offline or online cataloging, including batch processing searches and record actions.


  • Set options and customize
    Other version: en español
    Customize record and list display and printing, keystroke shortcuts, client toolbars, generic user tools, text strings, and more.
Basics (cont.)


Resources for Support

  • Get support and information
    Use client Help, MARC field help, and RDA Toolkit; contact customer support; get your OCLC usage statistics, access OCLC system news, find information for troubleshooting, and more.

Quick reference

Searching WorldCat

Create and edit records

Import and export records

International cataloging