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Report objects

Report objects are used to build custom report queries and to retrieve data for custom and standard reports.

Report objects within BusinessObjects universe are data fields from the Data Warehouse database. Objects are used to build queries and retrieve data for reports.

Report objects are organized into classes. Classes, or folders, are logical groups of data objects. For example, the Vendor Class contains Vendor ID, Vendor Local Identifier, and Vendor Name.

There are two main types of report objects:

Report object type Description Examples
Dimension (Dimension icon)
  • Provides data that serves as the basis for analysis
  • Can be counted
  • Cannot have calculations performed
  • Shelving Location
  • Event Borrower Category
Measure (Measure icon)
  • Consists of numeric data about a dimension
  • Can have calculations performed
  • Expended Amount
  • Items Checked In

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