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Why can't I download the Offline Client?

  • When navigating to Service Configuration to download the Offline Client, no WSKey is showing.
Applies to
  • Circulation

The Offline Client is important for preparing for outages.
To download the Offline Client you need to make sure that you have a current, relevant WMS NCIP Service WSKey.
To do this:

  1. When you email, include in the email that you are wanting the WSKey for the Offline Client.
  2. Check that the WSKey you are using was distributed less than 3 months ago
    • If it has been longer than 3 months, you must contact Orders again for a new WSKey
  3. Make sure that the person who contacted Orders is the one logged in
    • WSKeys are linked to accounts

If you are still unable to download the Offline Client, contact OCLC Support

Additional information

Note that there is a known issue with Java updates later than 8.162 that makes the Offline Client unable to be run from the start menu

The known workarounds to this are:

1. Install Java SE Runtime Environment 8u162 or earlier to run the Offline Client application from your workstation's Start Menu. 

2. If running a later version of Java 8, you can still run the applications by executing the JNLP files directly (i.e. wms-offline-circulation.jnlp)

Note that Java 9 or later is not supported.

Preparing for an outages
Preventing WSKeys from expiring

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