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Email history

Discover a history of alerts and how to resend them in OLIB.

►System Administration> Email History
►OLIB Defaults
►Searches> Users

When an email is sent from OLIB, a record is maintained of the email content and the SMTP communication details so that the message can be re-sent. You can view the failed emails sent in the Email History domain.

Use this domain to search for emails by subject line, recipient and/or sender.

Resend an email

From Email History domain

  1. Go to System Administration> Email History.
  2. In the hitlist select one of the email audit records.

You can send or resend an email using one of the following options that are displayed in Other Actions:

Other Actions
Resend Email to All Sends the email again to all the recipients.
Send to Current User Sends the email to the currently logged in user’s email address.
Select recipients for resend Lists the original recipients for you to select one or more to resend the email to.
Send from Current User Resends the email to the original recipients, this time setting the From address to the currently logged in user’s email address.

You can also use the Delete button to delete an email history record.

You can resend emails to a different email address from the original:

  1. Retrieve the original email and display the full details.
  2. Modify Record and in Resend email to enter the new email address for the alert to be sent. Click the Resend button.

OLIB creates a new email history record which is marked as being a resend of the original.

In the details view of the Email History record, you can also resend an email:

In the Linked to User(s) field, you can see a list of the Users who are linked directly to the email. Here there is also workflow for correcting a users’ email address and re-sending any missed alerts.

  1. The user's Name is a secondary search - click to go directly to the user record and edit the email address.
  2. Once you have corrected the email address / User details and are ready to resend the email, check the box to select User(s).
  3. In Other Actions select Resend to Current Email Address.

From Users domain

  1. From Searches> Users, open the user record in modify mode.
  2. On the User Details sheet there is a Resend Recent Emails button to be used for an individual User.
  3. When you click the button, OLIB lists one or more of the 10 most recent emails that were sent to that user.
  4. Check the box for the email(s) you would like to resend and click OK.
  5. OLIB resends the email(s) now.

Set days to keep email history

In OLIB Defaults: Daystart you can configure OLIB to purge the email history after a specified number of days.

Days To Keep Email History

Enter the number of days you want to retain your email history in the field on the screen. A process in daystart deletes any entries in the email audit trail that have a created date earlier than this number of days before the current date.

Failed emails

You can view failed emails in the following domains:

  • Notices: Email History is included on the Notice Alert History sheet on the Notices layout. This shows a summary of the email that was sent, including the date and time sent, the recipient(s) and the status. If you click a record in this field, the full details of the email are displayed.
  • Reports: Report Run History is included on the Report History sheet. This field includes an entry for each time that the report was run. It indicates the start and end times and whether the report was sent successfully or not. If you click a record in this field, the full details of the email are displayed.