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Link objects as URLs

Learn how to convert file based object references to text based http references in OLIB.

►System Administration> File To URL Mapping

This relates to electronic documents that are attached to the details of a record. For example a document may be catalogued in OLIB and an electronic copy of the document itself can be linked or stored in the database.

It is possible to configure OLIB to convert these file based object references to text based http references when those objects are -

  • included as links in the OPAC
  • included in a MARC record
  • checked by the daystart Link Checker

When an object such as a Word document or a PDF is linked to a Title record in OLIB Web, the file locator is saved in the object record, e.g. -


Normally, following this link in Folio or in the daystart Link Checker would fail because it is not an http reference. In OLIB there is therefore the facility to map a directory name to a URL path.

Your organisation's IT department first needs to map the directory where your documents are stored, to the web directory.

To configure OLIB to convert the stored documents directory to a url path:

  1. Go to System Administration> File To URL Mapping.
  2. Create a new record using the following settings as an example:
Enabled Ja
File Directory Z:/MyOrgsNetwork/MyFilespace/MyPDFs/
Web Directory

(Note that http:// defaults).

Once this record is enabled and saved, any objects whose link begins with Z:/MyOrgsNetwork/MyFilespace/MyPDFs/ will have this part of the link replaced with when the link to the object is presented in Folio, exported in a MARC record or checked by the Link Checker.