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Find OLIB reports

Learn how to find OLIB reports.

The OLIB Reports section is located just below User Management in the OLIB Web Menu:

The default search for the Reports domain is All OLIB Reports. This is a simple right-truncated, case-insensitive search on the reports’ names. For example, entering “ca” will list all reports whose report name

begins with “CA” (the standard cataloguing reports).

Search options are available to list all reports in a specific domain (Cataloguing, Circulation, Acquisitions, etc.).

There is also a Keyword Search to enable you to search for a report using a word or words anywhere in the report name, description, parameter prompt fields, email subject line, email body, header output, SQL To Run field, and footer output. Fields from linked records (Report Lines, Report Sections and Report Section Columns) are also included in the Reports keyword index.

The fields that contribute to the Reports keyword index are defined in the OLIB Reports Index keyword index in the System Administration-Keyword Indexes domain. The contents of the OLIB Reports Index keyword index can be modified using the standard keyword index maintenance facilities in this domain.