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Title cross-references

Learn how to add title cross-references to a title in OLIB.

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This information explains how to manage cross-reference linking for Titles. Subjects and Names Cross Referencing is also possible.

Titles may need to be linked together for a variety of reasons – perhaps a new edition of a standard work has changed its title. A common cross reference is the Former title/Continued as link needed when a Journal changes its title. For example a link would be created between the British Veterinary Journal and its new title of Veterinary Journal. When a link is created between two records if the link type is set up correctly a reverse link will also be created.

 Note: the System Manager should ensure that all the required Link Types have been created before cross-reference links are set up.

Create title cross-references

  1. With the record to be linked in modify mode, click on Cross Refs Search.
  2. A new title search page is displayed for you to search for the title to link to.
  3. When found, select and Insert to create the link between the 2 titles.
  4. If not found click New Record in context, enter the new title details and Save.
  5. In either case a link screen is displayed.
  6. Chose the required link type such as See, and confirm the link. The link is now displayed on the original title.

The linked Title will show the reverse link.

It may be beneficial for the system manager to use Layout Manager to add the Cross Referenced By attribute (not included on any standard layouts).

OLIB can also display cross references in separate fields depending on their Link Type.

Remove cross-reference links between records

Generally when a link is created between two records, for example two subject headings, a reverse link is also created. OLIB automatically breaks both links when one is removed by the cataloguer. However, this is dependent on settings in OLIB Defaults:

  • Auto. Delete Subjects Reverse Links?
  • Auto. Delete Titles Reverse Links?
  • Auto. Delete Authors Reverse Links?

The standard setting for these fields is Yes. This causes the reverse link to be deleted automatically when you delete a corresponding link.

If the system manager sets these fields to No, the reverse link will not be deleted. If that is the case, the cataloguer would need to remove both links.


  1. In Titles put one of the records into modify mode.
  2. In Related Items and Control Data select the cross referenced title to be removed.
  3. Click Delete to remove the link.
  4. Click Yes to confirm removal of the link. If Auto. Delete=Yes OLIB removes the link from both title records.
  5. If Auto. Delete=No you will need to repeat the process on the other title.