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Subjects and names cross-references

Learn how to manage cross-reference linking for subjects and names in the OLIB catalogue.

This information explains how to manage cross-reference linking for Subjects and Responsibility Names. These are managed in a similar way as Title Cross-References.

Subject cross-references

OLIB supports a full Thesaurus structure.

This enables you to make cross reference links between related subject headings.
It enables preferred and non-preferred versions of subject headings. When you add a subject to a title, if the non-preferred term is searched for, both terms will be displayed and OLIB clearly shows which to use. In cataloguing if the cataloguer attempts to add the non-preferred term to a Title a message is displayed, e.g.

The Preferred term for 'EU' is 'European Union'. Would you like to replace your selection?

Click Yes to add the preferred term automatically to the Title.

Author cross-references

Cross reference links between authors are particularly useful for organisational name change. The different types of links between Responsibility Names are defined by Link Types reference data.

It is also possible to link preferred and non-preferred versions of names. In this example (General Medical Council) the abbreviated forms of names are entered as non-preferred terms. This has an advantage in cataloguing as abbreviated forms are quicker to retrieve in searching – but the full form will automatically be added to the title. The link must be made from the non-preferred author name.

  1. Go to Names and search for the non-preferred term (GMC).
  2. In modify mode search in Related Names for the preferred term General Medical Council.
  3. Select and insert it for linking.
  4. In the Author Relationship record choose Use as the Link Type.
  5. Set the Preferred flag to Yes and save the link.

The relationship will be displayed on each author record as appropriate. When the abbreviated form is added to a Title a 'non-preferred term' message is displayed e.g.

The Preferred term for 'GMC' is 'General Medical Council'. Would you like to replace your selection?

Click Yes to add the preferred term automatically to the Title.

Remove cross-reference links between records

Generally when a link is created between two records, for example two subject headings, a reverse link is also created. OLIB automatically breaks both links when one is removed by the cataloguer. However, this is dependent on settings in OLIB Defaults:

  • Auto. Delete Subjects Reverse Links?
  • Auto. Delete Titles Reverse Links?
  • Auto. Delete Authors Reverse Links?

The standard setting for these fields is Yes. This causes the reverse link to be deleted automatically when you delete a corresponding link.

If the system manager sets these fields to No, the reverse link will not be deleted. If that is the case, the cataloguer would need to remove both links.


  1. In Names  put one of the records into modify mode, e.g. Department of Health.
  2. In Related Names select the link to be removed, e.g. DOH.
  3. Click on Delete to remove the link.
  4. Click Yes to confirm removal of the link. If Auto. Delete=Yes OLIB removes the link from both records.
  5. If Auto. Delete=No you will need to repeat the process on the other name.