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Alternative titles

Learn how to link alternative titles to a title in OLIB.

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OLIB provides links to alternative forms of titles, for example, abbreviated titles for journals; uniform titles for works which appear in a different language or for a commonly known title. For example the Uniform title for The ring of the Nibelungs will be Das Nibelungen lied.


The Index Medicus abbreviation for Abstracts on Hygiene and Communicable Diseases is Abstr Hyg Commun Dis. In OLIB this would be linked to the Alternative Title field as an abbreviated title:

  1. As usual start by creating the main title record if it does not already exist.
  2. Click the Related Titles and Control Data tab.
  3. In the Alternative Titles section click New.
  4. In the Type field the default alternative title type is displayed. This can be changed if required by choosing the title type from the drop down list e.g. Abbreviated Title.
  5. Enter e.g. the abbreviation Abstr Hyg Commun Dis.
  6. A Note may be added explaining this link.
  7. Save the record back to the main Title record.

 Note: a default Type can be set in OLIB Defaults (Cataloguing) by the system manager.

 Note: the visibility and order of Alternative Title Types displayed in the drop down can be changed by sequencing drop down List Values

Search alternative titles

The alternative title is not retrieved from a standard title search but is included in the All titles Search.

  1. From Other Searches select All Titles search.
  2. The All Titles search results hitlist displays the following data for Alternative Titles:
  • Alternative Title
  • Alternative Title Type (or "Series")
  • main Title (with Author, Date, Classmark)
  • Media Type/sub-Type
  • number of Copies

 Note: when you click to view the details of the record from this search, it is the main Title of the work that is displayed.

MARC fields

Marc Tag, First, Second indicator: when you save the above record, these fields default in from the alternative title Type you selected. The First and Second Indicator fields can be changed if required. If you don’t set the indicators, they will default to whatever the default values are set to in the respective Alternative Title Types record when you export the record. You only need to set the indicators here if you want them to be different to the default values for the Alternative Title Type.

MARC defaults: Cataloguing Reference Data> Alternative Title Types: when setting up cataloguing reference data, optionally use this domain for any Alternative Title Type, to enter the preferred default MARC Tag, First and Second Indicator. These are the defaults that will then appear whenever you use that Alternative Title Type in the Titles domain. For the standard Alternative Title Types supplied with OLIB, the appropriate MARC defaults are already supplied, but can be amended.