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I wish to stocktake just my fiction

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitem
  • When setting up your Main > StockItem > StockTake, set the KEY Data From column to 0 (this is a number zero) and set the KEY Data To to ZZZ. The count in theory will display your entire collection. Disregard this as it will not matter that you are only stocktaking fiction
  • Do the physical stocktake count for just your fiction shelves
  • However, when it comes to creating the Main > StockItem >Where search to find just the missing fiction, ensure you target only the Stats Code to cover your Fiction areas. An example Where search may be:
    • StockTake Date is NULL
    • Stats Code = F
    • On Loan = N
    • Location Perm = LIB
  • If you have more than one Stats Code to target, use the operator of IN and separate the codes with commas, for example:
    • Stats Code IN F,JF,YF
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