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I wish to use a Stockitem report with an existing file created from my Stocktake. How can I select this file within the report?

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitem Reports
  1. Access Main > Reports > RepStockitem.
  2. Select F1 New.
  3. Select a suitable template, for example Title, Author, Call No & Barcode (&stktacb.qrp) and click Select.
  4. Enter a Report Description, for example Missing items from Stocktake and click F3 Save.
  5. The report line will be displaying in red, as there are no F7 Where parameters. When choosing a file, in preference to setting parameters, this is normal.
  6. Select F8 View.
  7. The Select Saved File window will display from which you are able to select the relevant file. Highlight this file and click OK.
  8. The Report - View window will display with the relevant information which can then be printed.


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