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I wish to know the number of borrowers we had at a time in the past

Applies to
  • Amlib Reports
  • Amlib Borrowers

This can be done by getting a count of existing Borrowers via a Where Search and then get the numbers of borrowers added and deleted via an Amlib Statistics Report:

Step 1: Where Search:

  1. Access Amlib and go to Main > Borrower > BorrowerWhere.
  2. From Box 1 select BarCode.
  3. From Box 2 select (IS NOT EQUAL SYMBOL) and click Paste.
  4. At the base of the window you will see BarCode IS NOT NULL.
  5. Select Count (F6). Answer No for a Saved File.
  6. Take a note of the number of existing Borrowers.

Step 2: Statistics Report:

  1. Access Amlib and go to Main > Reports > RepStatistics.
  2. Click F1 New and highlight the Template Summary by Location, TransType, Year, Month  (&STAT200.QRP) and click Select.
  3. Type a description in the Report Description Column - for example - Added and Deleted Borrowers by Month.
  4. Click F3 Save.
  5. Highlight the report and click F7 Where – the Statistics Reports – Where screen will display.
  6. From Box 1 select Type(Issue,Ret).
  7. From Box 2 select IN.
  8. In Box 3 enter 80,81 (this will give you New Borrowers (80) and Deleted Borrowers (81) by month.
  9. Click Paste.
  10. From Box 1 select TransDate.
  11. From Box 2 select >= .
  12. Enter a suitable Start date in Box 3 in dd/mm/yyyy format (for example 01//06/2020).
  13. Click Paste.
  14. From Box 1 select Trans Date.
  15. From Box 2 select <=.
  16. Click the Special button and select Current Date and click Paste.
  17. Click F3 Save.
  18. Click F8 View to check your report and Print as required.
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