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How do I send a list of barcodes to the State Library of Western Australia to determine their holdings at our library?

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitem

Create a Stockitem Where search which is saved to File. The contents of this file can then be used to export to State Library of Western Australia (SLWA):

  1. Go to Main > Stockitem > StockitemWhere.
  2. Find Item No from Box 1.
  3. From the Operator Box 2, select LIKE.
  4. In Box 3 enter 3111 and Paste.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3. Find Item No from Box 1.
  6. From the Operator Box 2, select LIKE.
  7. In Box 3 enter ASLIB and click Paste.
  8. Highlight the top line (Item No LIKE 3111) and click the OR button to the right.
  9. Click the F7 QtoFile button.
  10. The Stockitem Saved Query Results will display.
  11. Click the F1 New button.
  12. Type in a description - for example SLWA barcodes and click Save F3.
  13. Ensure the new line is highlighted and click the F9 Select button.
  14. A message should appear with the number of records in the File. Click OK.
  15. Back in the Stockitem window select the File Menu.
  16. Select WriteSavedFileintoDosFile.
  17. Highlight the File just created (for example SLWA barcodes). Click F9 Select.
  18. A Windows dialogue box will display where you can select the location of the saved file (for example, Desktop). Enter a File Name for the Windows File (For example SLWA barcodes). In the Save as Type click the drop-down box and save it as a Text File .txt. That will make it easier for the SLWA to identify what sort of file you are sending. select Save.
  19. Email this File to SLWA. It will result in pages of barcodes, each on a separate line.
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