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How do I get a count of all my resources?

Applies to
  • Amlib Stockitems
  • Amlib Stockitem Reports

Use a Stockitem Where Search to get a basic count:

  1. Navigate to Stockitem > Application > Where.
  2. From Box 1 select Item No. From Box 2 (Operator) select  (is not equal to) and click Paste.
  3. You will see the section below display Item No IS NOT NULL.
  4. Select Count (F6). Click No to the question about the File and you should have the Total Count of all resources.
Additional information
  • Do you want the total broken down in Form codes or Stats codes? If this is the case then there are standard Stockitem Reports that can do this. For example if you click F1 New in Main > Reports > RepStockitem select Count by Form & Stats code (&stkcfs.qrp) will be the report to select. For the F7 Where parameters use the same clause as the Where search above
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