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Mass change refresh from catalogue

Learn how to mass change the stockitem data due to changes in the catalogue records in Amlib.

It is sometimes necessary to refresh the stockitem data due to changes in the catalogue record – this process is not automatic due to the fact that stockitem entries often deliberately differ from the catalogue and it is important that this information not be overwritten. This update can be done on a record-by-record basis, but it is also possible to update an entire group of records.

 Note: In the following example we are only updating the Title data. If you already have a saved Where search containing a list of stockitems to be updated, skip ahead to step 10.

Create a saved file

First, you need to create a Saved file with a list of the stockitems to be updated.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Stockitem module and select Application > Where... – the Stockitem Where Search screen will display
  3. Create a search that enables you to locate the items in question – for example: Stats Code = Adult Fiction
    1. Choose Search Column: Sts Code
    2. Choose Operator: =
    3. Type the Where condition: AF
  4. Click F7 QtoFile – the Stockitem Saved Query Results screen will display:
  5. Click the F1 New button
  6. In the Details column type in a name/description for your file – for example: MassCatUpdate
  7. Click the F3 Save button
  8. Highlight the Saved File and click the F9 Select button
  9. This will copy the results of the Where search into the Saved file – the following prompt will display: The ‘XXX’ file contains XXX stockitems.
  10. Click on OK to continue

Refresh from catalogue

The Saved File stockitems must now be refreshed from the catalogue.

  1. From the Stockitem module, select Application > StockitemAutoLink – the Stockitem Miscellaneous screen will display:
  2. Select * Refresh ALL items from the catalogue (excludes Periodicals and Orders)
  3. Click on the GetFile button and select your previously saved search from the Stockitem Saved Query Results screen
  4. Click the F9 Select button
  5. Click on the Start button – the Refresh prompt will display:
  6. Deselect all options – except Title
  7. Click on OK button – this will execute the Refresh and update the Titles on all the items in the file selected
  8. The following Item Rebuild prompt will then display: XXX Items Rebuilt.