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Mass change stats code

Learn how to mass change Stockitem stats in Amlib.

Mass change Stockitem stats

The easiest option to alter the Stats code from one code to another is to use a Saved Where Search and to perform the change in Stockitem/Application/Stockwand Change.

  1. Perform a Where search to find the items that will have a Stats code to change
  2. Save the where search- click F2 Insert sand enter a description
  3. Select F3 Save and OK
  4. Navigate to Main > Stockitem > StockwandChange. This facility is used to define a set of changes and apply those changes to all items:
  5. Select the Stats Code from Box 1 (Choose Column to Change). Type the new value into Box 2 e.g. AF and select the Paste Button. If the code for the particular field is not known, pressing <TAB> will display a list of choices.
  6. Select the F8 FrWhre button and select the Saved Where Search saved previously
  7. Select Execute [F9]. A confirmation message will display.

Saving the process

If the process is needed more than once, selecting F2 Insert saves the process for future use. Write a description and press F3 Save.

Pressing F4 Select allows the selection of a process saved earlier. Pressing F8 Others allows the selection of process set up by Other Login Users. Highlight the process and choose F9 Select.