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Mass change missing items

Learn how to use StockWandChange to mass change items and learn how to find an item after the change to missing process or location in Amlib.

Once the shelves have been checked and the items showing on the where search are definitely missing, they can be shown to be missing on the database. A decision as to how to identify these missing items on the system needs to be made. It is suggested that a Stockitem process be made to show that they were made missing during stocktake. e.g. MISSING STOCKTAKE 03 or similar. Other sites may choose to identify them by giving these items a different location. Changes can be done globally using Stockwand Change OR Mass change applications. Alternatively you may decide to simply mass delete these missing items.


If it is a new Process, e.g. MISSING STK 2012, you will need to add this as a new Process (Stockitem, Application, Process). If you want a new Floor Location or Process, add this in Stockitem, Application etc.

Each alternative is documented separately below. You can choose which method or combination of method you will use.

Using StockWandChange

The StockwandChange has several advantages for mass changing missing items:

  1. The Process can be saved for further use
  2. The Process code can be searched (e.g.? and press TAB in field 2)
  3. The change can be implemented on a Where search [F8] or using FrWhre [F7] from a saved file.
  4. The Special button is available for selecting Current Date
  5. A clear confirmation is displayed prior to any changes, outlining the number of items and the changes that will apply


If the buttons are not visible e.g. FrWhere, these can be added in Supervisor, LibraryMenu Usernames, using Viewing Menu for the Login User. Press the Red buttons to ensure that they are Green.

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Stockitem > StockWandChange
  2. From box 1 choose Process
  3. In box 2 press (full stop) And press <Tab>. A list will display of all the Process codes. Select the one previously set up for the current stocktake. Operator Alert/Opac/For Loan changes will be automatically inserted for you .(Or alternatively In 1 choose column, select Temp Location, in 2 again a full stop and <Tab> will bring up a list of locations. Select the Location previously created for the missing items from the current stocktake.)
  4. If you wish to use a previously saved Where search select F8 FrWhre . The Saved Queries window will display.
  5. Highlight the Where search saved previously and select F9 Execute
  6. A message will display, detailing how many items will be changed and the data changes that will be implemented. Select Yes to continue with the Update.
  7. If you have previously saved the missing items to a Stockitem file select F7 FrFile. The Stockitem Saved Query Results window will display. Highlight the correct file and press F9 Select
  8. Again, a message will display, detailing how many items will be changed and the data changes that will be implemented. Select Yes to continue with the Update

Using mass item change

Alternatively, mass item change can be used.

  1. Navigate to Main > Stockitem > StockitemWhere
  2. If you would like to use a previously saved where search statement press F4 Select. Or alternatively construct the Where statement as previously described when wishing to create a list of items to check.
  3. Choose F7 QtoFile from the Where search
  4. Select F1 New and add a description and press F3 Save 
  5. Once the file is saved, highlight the file and choose F9 Select. A message appears giving details of how many items have been saved to the selected file. Press OK
  6. Select Stockitems > File > DisplayFile
  7. Select the appropriate file
  8. Then go to Table > MassItemChange. You do NOT need to highlight all the items in the list. If there are more items than will display, the mass item change process will change all items in the file itself, not just what is initially displayed.
  9. Choose the Column to change (eg Process, Loc’n Perm, Temp, Floor Location).
  10. Type the New column value. (eg the required Process, Loc’nPerm or Floor Location)
  11. Press the Paste button
  12. You will then need to add the For Loan, Alert ? and Opac? Columns as well individually and then add the new value and paste each line. Select F3 Update
  13. You will need to know the exact process code as previously set up as there is no ability to select from a list as in stockwand change

Finding an item after the change to missing process or location

If an item is found after the Process is made to be Missing, go to the Stockitem screen for that particular item. Delete the Process and select F3 Update. The For Loan, Alert and Opac will be set back correctly and the date will clear.

If the Temporary Location has been changed, then on return the Temporary Location will revert to the Checkin/Return Location and no alert messages will appear.