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Find information about using Circulation in Amlib.


  • Cancel all reservations
    Learn how to mass cancel reservations in Amlib.
  • Claimed returned suggested procedure
    Find information about a suggested procedure for items claimed returned in Amlib.
  • ELR Survey installation guide
    Find information on how to install and operate the customised Amlib ccsurvey.exe program to match the ELR-supplied source file against the school’s database to identify all matches together with the number of holdings of individual titles.
  • In house statistics
    Learn about the In-House process in Amlib which allows libraries to keep statistics and create reports on items used within the Library but not borrowed.
  • Issue from stockitem file
    Learn about loaning items from a stockitem file in Amlib.
  • Mass change due dates
    Learn how to mass change due dates in Amlib.
  • Override permissions within issues for operator
    Learn how to allow an operator to override certain functions by removing the Stop Override from that account in Amlib.
  • PLR survey installation guide
    Learn how to install and operate the test customised Amlib PLRSurvey.exe application.
  • Reservations guide
    Learn about reservations in Amlib.
  • Reserve allocate
    Learn about Reserve Allocate which is used to add reservations to copies where other items sharing that same Catalogue record have reservations in Amlib.
  • Reserve shuffle
    Learn about Reserve shuffle, which is used to add reservations to copies where other items in the Table already have reservations in Amlib.
  • ResGet procedure
    Learn about ResGet memos in Amlib, which are used to alert libraries that items that are currently on the shelf have been reserved.
  • Return multi-part items
    Learn how to return multi-part items in Amlib.
  • Set loan parameters
    Learn how to set loan parameters in Amlib.
  • Set overnight loans
    Learn how to set overnight loans in Amlib.
  • Start of year circulation dates
    Learn how to adjust the dates in the Supervisor installation settings and the Borrower Type settings at the beginning of the year in Amlib.
  • Transfer of items
    Learn how to use this facility to effect changes to the permanent, temporary or both locations on Stockitems in Amlib.