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Change a call number in a catalogue

Learn how to change a call number in a catalogue in Amlib.


  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Catalogue > Catalogue screen
  2. Enter a search criteria in the Search Term box and select F5 Query
  3. Double click on an appropriate search type – for example All Keyword
  4. Highlight the Call Number line and select the Delete button on the right side of the screen
  5. Click Yes to the following prompt
  6. Click the Insert button on the right hand side of the screen
  7. Scroll to the call number tag and double click on it
  8. Enter the new call number into the Search Term box and click F5 Query
  9. If the call number already exists, highlight the link and click F3 Replace. If the call number does not already exist, the following prompt will display, select OK
  10. If the call number does not already exist click F2 NewAuth
  11. The information will be inserted to the first subfield line, make any necessary correction to the punctuation and case. If you are unsure what the subfields are, click F6 Table
  12. Click F3 Update
  13. Close the Authority Replace screen
  14. The new call number now displays in the catalogue record. Click F3 Update
  15. Your system may not be set to refresh the Stockitem call number when the Catalogue call number is updated. Many sites have local call numbers, such as TR 852.35 or JNF 854.36 and don’t want these changed when the Catalogue record is changed. If you do want to also refresh the Stockitem to have the same call number as the newly changed catalogue record, select the Holdings button on the Catalogue record
  16. Select Item > RefreshFromCat
  17. If there is more than one Stockitem, each Stockitem will possibly need to be refreshed individually