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Change brief catalogue display tags

Learn how to change brief catalogue display tags and rebuild the catalogue display in Amlib.

This screen allows you to set up which Tags display in the Display Tags for the brief catalogue record that appears in the window at the top of the Catalog screen (which is also what appears in the Catalogue List). This table is usually set up when your system is first loaded or perhaps after a major re-organisation of the system.

In this example we need to change the call number to display 082 | Call Number in preference to 984.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Catalogue > CatDisplayTags – the Set Up Display Tags table will display:
  3. Define the Label and Tags to Display for each Line – these Tags (and their Labels) define how the brief details of a catalogue record display at the top of the Catalog screen:

    More than one tag can be added to the Tags to Display column. The tags should be added in order of preference – for example: 100 110 700. If the 100 tag is present in a Catalogue record then the contents will display for that Line. If no 100 tag is present, then the contents of the 110 tag will display, and so on.
  4. Click the F3 Save button when complete
  5. Close the Catalogue module for these settings to take effect

Please Note: You will then need to rebuild the catalogue display for the existing catalogue records (see below).

Rebuild the Catalogue Display

If the Tag Numbers are altered for the 4 lines of the brief Catalog screen display, the rebuild will refresh all existing Catalogues to the new settings.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Catalogue > CatMaintenance – the Catalog Maintenance screen will display:
  3. Choose the Maintenance Task: Rebuild the Catalog Display
  4. Only consider catalogue records created before: Enter the date to which this process will apply (defaults to a year ago): enter today’s date if the rebuild is to apply to all Catalogue records
  5. Leave For cat ref insertion enter tag number here field blank
  6. There are no Select Options relating to the Maintenance Task options so the Options... button will be greyed out
  7. Click the F3 Start button to begin the process – a Rebuild Display prompt will display:
  8. Once the process is completed a prompt will display how many catalogue records were refreshed: A total of XXXX Catalogs have been refreshed.
  9. Click the OK button

The catalogue display will then be updated: