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CatZSearch for SLWA

Learn about CatZSearch for SLWA in Amlib.

Set up CatZServers

Z39.50 is an international information retrieval standard that enables communication between computer systems, including those that operate on different hardware and use different library software (e.g. Amlib, Spydus, Sirsi, etc.). Searching of other libraries and databases is performed simultaneously in a single search (parallel searching).

Amlib provides an integrated Z39.50 Client (also known as ZClient) within the Amlib Catalogue module for easily searching of other libraries and databases. The Amlib ZClient has an additional benefit of being able to select a range of records from a search result and immediately import into the Amlib Catalogue databases – an easy way for creating orders and importing marc records.

Please Note: Use of the Bibliographic records via Z39.50 is subject to the terms and conditions of the Source Library. It is free to connect to the State Library of WA and import records.


  1. In Amlib go to Main > Catalogue > CatZSearch
  2. Select Application > CatZOptions
  3. The four options are detailed below- select as appropriate using the table as a guide
  4. F3 Update




    A server is not working if it does respond in XXX seconds

    Can be any amount of time you want to wait


    Alternate path to Z39.50 client

    Not currently used- leave blank


    Display all records as (US)Marc or (UK)Marc

    Display Marc records in US or UK version


    Tag(s) to use when Displaying a Title

    Can be as many Tags as you like (usually just 245)


    Tag(s) to use when Displaying an Author

    Can be as many Tags as you like (usually just 100 and 110)



Servers are the Libraries or databases you wish to search. To enter the SLWA as a server to Search:

  1. In Amlib go to Main > Catalogue > CatZSearch
  2. Select Application > CatZServers

    Please note the buttons in the screen shot below- if you cannot see all of the buttons please follow “Appendix 1 – Adding Buttons and Menus”. If at any time in these instructions you cannot see the button referred to, please add it to your permissions following Appendix 1.
  3. Select F1 New – the Server window will open on the General tab
  4. Enter details as below:
    • Description: State Library of WA
    • Display Seq: The order in which you wish the list to display in a drop down list eg 1, 2, 3, etc.  The number needs to be unique.
    • Host:
    • Port: 210 (note your I.T. must open this port for outgoing requests on the machine you are using to search)
    • Server Type: Other
    • Database: INNOPAC
  5. Click on the Search tab and make sure the following options are selected
  6. Clock on the Advanced Tab and make sure the following options are ticked then select OK
  7. The target will look as below
  8. Log out of Amlib and back in

Z39.50 searching and importing

  1. In Amlib go to Main > Catalogue > CatZSearch- the Z39.50 Search window will open
  2. Select F5 Query
  3. Click on the down arrow and select the State Library of WA by highlighting it
  4. Type in the search term against the appropriate box- for example ISBN, Title, Author, Subject or combination of these.
  5. Click OK
  6. Once the search has executed, search results will display. These can be sorted by clicking on the column- for example clicking on the Author column will search the results by Author
  7. Double click on a record to see the full MARC record display

 Note: If searching for an ISBN in State Library of WA you can only use the 4th box to do this. You can search with or without the dashes and using either a 10 or 13 digit ISBN.

Importing the Records: Create Statistics

  1. Highlight the records you wish to import. You may highlight multiple records my holding down the CTRL key and clicking on other records
  2. Select F4 Import
  3. Choose No to the popup to import the records directly into Amlib
  4. Select OK
  5. A progress window will display
  6. A confirmation message will display and the record has been imported

The record has been imported into Amlib and you can then add Holdings using the Holding buttons

Adding Menus and Buttons

Depending on the age of your Amlib installation, your Amlib login may not have permission to view all of the menus and buttons necessary to set up CatZSEarch. An operator can grant access to your login.

Granting a Menu Permission

Example CatZOptions

If you notice a Menu item is grayed out for your login:

  1. Navigate to Main > Supervisor > Usernames
  2. Highlight your username and select F8 Choose
  3. Go to ActualMainMenu > Catalogue > CatzOptions (or whatever menu permission you are missing) and select it
  4. Select the green Give button
  5. Repeat for any other permissions you are missing then log out of Amlib and back in

Granting a Button

If you notice any buttons referred to in the documentation are not available to you login, you will need to grant them. In this example the F2 Modify button is not available:

  1. Navigate to Main > Supervisor > Usernames
  2. Highlight your username and select F8 Choose
  3. Navigate to Viewing Menu > Catalogue > CatZServers
  4. Click on any buttons that are in red
  5. Buttons will then change to green
  6. Repeat for any other screens that do not have the required buttons
  7. Log off Amlib and back on