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Amlib known issues

There are no known issues at this time.



Connexion browser

Connexion browser known issues
Issue Date identified
Connexion sorts words that include diacritics out of order in WorldCat derived and keyword search results
(Partly resolved - for derived search results only - with system changes November 13, 2005)

When WorldCat derived and keyword results include words with diacritics, the records sort out of sequence with words that do not have diacritics, whether you use the client or the browser interface.

  • A personal name keyword search for lutz, m* returns Lutz, Madeleine, Lütz, Manfred, and Lutz, Marcel, but Lütz, Manfred incorrectly appears first in the sequence.
  • A personal name derived search for lutz,m, results in the following order of records retrieved: Lutzki, Moses, Lutzky, M. , Lutzky, Morton, Lütze, Max, Lützeler, Marga.

  1. In the client only, you can click the column heading in the list to re-sort, although the re-sort is not always 100% correct.
  2. In the client or browser, browse (scan an index) for the term instead–Connexion normalizes the headings by removing the diacritics, so the results display correctly.
August 22, 2005
Caution: Whether to retain or omit a comma in a browse term for the LC names and subjects authority file depends on the index you browse

Retain a comma in a term you use to browse the LC authority file only when you browse the personal name index and the topical index. Exclude a comma from a term when you browse the LCSH index.

Example: Browse for authors, english in the topicals index. Browse for authors english in the LCSH index.
August 22, 2005
Validation set to None may have implications for offline services

If you have validation set to None for setting holdings (General tab > Admin > Cataloging Options / Validation Levels), invalid characters in records will not produce an error message when you update holdings on an existing record or delete your holdings. However, the system will convert invalid characters to fill characters in your archive files.
November 13, 2005
Internet Resources appear under Books in the group list, but actually are correctly retrieved by your search

Currently, records that meet specific requirements (presence of 856 with appropriate indicators) are given the primary document type of Internet Resources, but Connexion group lists do not yet include Internet Resources as a separate group heading. Instead, Internet resource records are included under Books in group lists, regardless of how the fixed field is coded. These groupings are for display purposes only. They reflect the actual format of the records, except for the inclusion of these Internet resources in any format.

For example, the search pb:naxos and hl:trios and mt:rec retrieves records for streaming video that are grouped under the Books format, even though the records are in the sound recordings format, with 006 fields for electronic resource/computer files, an 007 for sound recordings, and an 007 for the computer file.

For now, you can limit a search to non-Internet items (not mt:url) to retrieve and display non-Internet items under the "correct" format heading in a group list. If you intend to retrieve both Internet and non-Internet items, be aware that any Internet resource records that match the search will be found under the Books format if you get a WorldCat group list.
December 16, 2005
Inappropriate message may appear when exporting authority records

On occasion, you may receive the following message when you export authority records: "This main entry exists in another authority record: LCCN=n ######## ARN=oca########." You receive the message as a result of a process that normalizes the main entry to help reduce duplicate records. Currently, tags are not considered in the normalization process.

The message occurs when you validate the record (Edit list, Validate Record) before exporting or when you have the validation level set to "Full" in the General tab, Preferences, Cataloging Options, under Validation Level Options.

If you used Edit, Validate Record, you can go ahead and export with no problem. If you have the validation level set to "Full," change it to "Basic" and then export the record.
December 19, 2005
Incorrect record counts in browse results for authority records

Browse results for authority records display headings and record counts from a list that the system does not update immediately when authority records are added or replaced. In the past, updates were immediate but caused an adverse effect on overall system response time. This was formerly a problem with WorldCat search results. OCLC is working on database architecture and indexing to overcome this problem for authority browse results, while balancing the need to provide reasonable system response time for searching.
February 2, 2006
False error message may result from system duplicate detection when new authority records are added or WorldCat records are replaced

The system uses NACO Normalization rules to match the 1XX heading of any record you want to add or replace against the 1XX and 4XX name headings to detect duplicates. However, the system incorrectly ignores the first comma in subfield a, which results in an incorrect validation error message— This main entry exists in another authority record: LCCN=xx xxxxx ARN=ocaxxxxx. If you receive this message as a result of this problem, and the new/replace heading is not a duplicate, click OK to close the message, and simply re-issue the Add or Replace command to successfully add or replace the record.
June 14, 2006
Special characters and diacritics in CD name and CD My Status cause errors

When you create a constant data (CD) record, avoid using the following special characters and diacritics in either the CD name or optional My status you assign to identify the CD record. These characters can cause errors when you use the CD record (retrieve, save, apply, delete, etc.). For example, errors prevent you from deleting these CD records, either singly (from the full record) or in a group (from a list of CD records). Problems occur because CD records whose names contain special characters cannot be indexed correctly.
Do not use ...      
Period (full stop) . Ampersand &
Comma , Pound sign #
Semi-colon ; Double quotation marks " "
Colon : Apostrophe '
Underscore _ Percent mark %
Asterisk * Question mark ?
Plus sign + Slash /

To be sure that CD records are problem-free, use only standard letters (upper- and lowercase) and numbers in CD names and My Statuses.
December 1, 2006
Pathfinder default CD: Cannot show Default CD (Pathfinders tab)

When you select Default CD on the Show list (Pathfinders tab), your action ends with a system error message:

"System Failure Page: Unable to successfully complete transaction."

Workaround: Search the Pathfinder constant data file and view your default constant data record.
March 20, 2007
Browsing for a personal name with abbreviated surname -- replace the period with a space in browse query

When browsing for a personal name that ends with a period as part of an abbreviated surname, do not include the period in the browse query. To retrieve the desired heading, substitute a space for the period.

Example: To browse for the name Harry L., enter the following query: 

L , Harry

Not: L., Harry

or: L, Harry
June 18, 2008
Show Active Records command results in blank screen

When you select Active Records from the Show Options list to view all records currently open, the system returns a blank screen. Clicking the Show Active Records link on the End Your Session screen also results in a blank screen.
December 16, 2008
Searching authority records for headings that contain the percent (%) symbol

Do not use the % symbol when searching the authority file. In some cases, keyword searches that includes the percent (%) symbol may result in an error message.
July 23, 2009
Running IE 8 in Compatibility View required for Keystrokes using ALT key to work

For information on running Connexion in Compatibility View see

Workarounds for problems using Connexion with IE7 and IE8

ALT + O to move to the Home screen and ALT + D to move to Dewey Services will not work in Compatibility View. They can be set on custom keystrokes.
November 10, 2010
Variable fields do not display in records

Ask your IT staff if they are using a content monitor called WebSense. If so, change the category in WebSense from Elevated Exposure to Education. If you do not use WebSense, ask your IT staff to modify settings on the proxy server or firewall to allow through.
February 8, 2011
Change to searching behavior resulting in "No records found for your search"

As part of the most recent Connexion install, an unexpected change was introduced to authorities searching. In some cases, searches that used to retrieve results are not failing and present the message: "No records found for your search".

An example of this is:

      pn: brahms and ti: op 8

However, if the search was input separating the elements op and 8, the search would present the appropriate records.

      pn: brahms and ti: op and ti: 8

If a search returns the message "No records found for your search", OCLC recommends re-trying the search and separating multiple elements into separate intake boxes or by adding the word 'and' if using the command line (e.g., ti: no 7 entered as ti: no and ti: 7).
October 3, 2013
Labels "file could not be located" error message

When trying to view labels, if you get the error message "OCLC Cataloging Label Program. An error occurred with file: [filename and location]. The file could not be located," this may be a problem with the browser cache files. When this occurs, open Tools/Internet Options/General/Temporary Internet Files/Settings/View Files and manually delete the cache.
Labels with diacritics

When printing labels from the Connexion browser with the OCLC Cataloging Label Program, diacritics are displayed and printed incorrectly. The Connexion client handles diacritics correctly. A third-party label program that can handle Unicode can also be used to print labels containing diacritics from a file created in the browser.
Multi-record extractor

There are multiple problems with the multi-record extractor. Until these problems are corrected, libraries should use single record-create extraction.
Automatic sort of bibliographic constant data search results does not work

When you retrieve bibliographic constant data records, the list is not sorted alphabetically by constant data name as it should be. To sort by name, open the Action/Sort list and click Sort By Name.
Pathfinder CD: Cannot apply default constant data automatically when creating a pathfinder

When you create a pathfinder record and attempt to include default constant data automatically, your action ends with the misleading error message:

"Your default constant data has been deleted (5462)."

Workaround: Apply your default constant data manually.

Connexion client

Connexion client known issues


CONTENTdm known issues
Issue Details

Project Client (December Release); (February Release)

When OCR is being run on images, the progress message box shows inaccurate page counts. 

Identified: December 2021

Workaround: Use the page counter shown in: Project Settings Manager > OCR > Page Limit. It should show you “#### of 10000 pages remaining this month”.

Project Client (December Release); (February Release)

We've deprecated the "Fast Mode" in OCR, but it is still showing in the settings interface. If you check this option, OCR is still processed with the same Best Quality setting.

Identified: December 2021

Workaround: Ignore the “Fast Mode” setting.

Project Client (June Release); (December Release); (February Release)

Under certain situations, when editing metadata in spreadsheet view in Project Client, it flashes as it refreshes the screen.

Identified: December 2021

Workaround (Temporary): Switch to a different view or go to a different screen in Project Client. Then come back to the spreadsheet view

Project Client (June Release); (December Release)

Finding Aid (EAD) ingest does not work. You always receive an error message about the XML file being invalid.

Identified: January 2022

Fixed in version (February 2022 release).

Cantaloupe has caused some issues with certain sites, such as PDF fonts display incorrectly in preview, some preview or expand view are missing for particular images or PDFs , or watermark doesn't work, etc. If you desire, we can roll your site back out of Cantaloupe. 

There are 2 ways to rollback:

  1. Full rollback. The site will be completely off of Cantaloupe. Your images and PDFs will be processed by legacy image server. You'll lose PDF manifests, and the manifest generation will be back to the weekly update schedule. You won’t have access to IIIF Manifests for items with restrictions.
  2. Partial rollback. Only the display of image expand view and PDF preview will be rolled back to legacy. You’ll still enjoy the other benefits brought by Cantaloupe, such as have access to PDF manifests (but with fonts issue) and have dynamically generated manifests. But we did discover a bug with partial rollback where if you have restriction, you will not be able to see image previews.

So if you don’t have restriction, a partial rollback is ideal for you. If you do, you can consider a full rollback. Or wait till we fix the bug with partial rollback.

Workaround: Please contact Support to discuss possible rollback options. 


EZproxy known issues

Installation & Configuration

Issue Details

EZproxy on Windows unable to support LDAP over IPv6

Version Affected: V6.0 and later

EZproxy v6.0 added support for IPv6, but did not add this support to LDAP. EZproxy V6.1.6 made LDAP aware of IPv6 addresses, but the library support was not enabled correctly to support this, causing failures for sites that have both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for their LDAP servers.

At this time LDAP support will be limited to IPv4 on Windows, but IPv6 will be supported on other platforms.


Issue Details

FREAK Vulnerability


EZproxy V5.7.44 and V6.0.7 are NOT vulnerable to the FREAK security issue IF you have the following settings in your config.txt:

Option DisableSSL40bit
Option DisableSSL56bit
Option DisableSSLv2

Add the following directives to your config.txt to protect against the FREAK vulnerability:

Option DisableSSL40bit
Option DisableSSL56bit
Option DisableSSLv2

Build issues

Issue Details

Support for IPv6 Addresses via the EZproxy Location directive

Version affected: V6.0

EZproxy 6.0 does not support use of the Location directive to look up IPv6 addresses. We have not yet extended our support to the MaxMind V6 GeoLite database (GeoLiteCityv6).

Fix Date: TBD

A future version of EZproxy will incorporate new compatibility with IPv6 address lookup.

Using IPv4 addresses in IPv6 notation

Version affected: V6.0

Do not use IPv4 addresses in IPv6 notation format to determine whether or not to make IPv6 network calls. For example, the IPv4 address will not be treated equivalently to the IPv6 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:7f00:1 address.

This is the designed behavior, and no remediation is planned

Dual Stack (IPv6/IPv4) cannot run when EZproxy is set to ProxyByPort

Version affected: V6.0

In order to provide support for IPv6 ProxyByPort, you must duplicate the database stanzas using IPv6 syntax.

This is the desired behavior, and no remediation is planned

The way we build EZproxy with OpenSSL

Version affected: V6.0 and earlier

Today we statically link OpenSSL’s binary library with EZproxy. We do this because this build method makes installation of EZproxy much easier for our EZproxy institutions--the institution doesn’t have to track and manage the OpenSSL version on their system.

We will further evaluate whether or not we should build EZproxy by dynamically linking OpenSSL, but we have no current plans to build EZproxy that way.

A 64 bit build of EZproxy

Version affected: V6.0 and earlier

Newer Windows and Linux systems are 64 bit-based operating systems, which provide a much larger address space for programs like EZproxy. Very few EZproxy institutions are seeing this memory limit, however a few are starting to bump up against it.  

In some cases, a 64 bit version of the same program (such as the 64 bit Chrome browser) will run slightly faster than the 32 bit equivalent.  Both Linux and Windows have very good facilities for running 32 bit applications on 64 bit operating systems. However the more significant issue for EZproxy is the memory limit.

Fix Date: TBD

Because of the potential memory limit issues (and it’s still pretty rare), we are planning to provide 64 bit builds of EZproxy V6.x in the future.

My Account

My Account known issues
Issue Details
For libraries with Tipasa: Off-system copy requests do not include a link to the requested item. This known issue will be addressed in an upcoming release.
The date format does not reflect my browser preference. To correct this issue, please ensure that your preferred language is correct in your browser and refresh your browser. 

In Chrome, your preferred language will need to be at the top of your list. If you have changed your language and if your currently set language on top of your language list is not reflecting the date formats, then try clearing browser history/cache and restarting your browser.

Please contact OCLC Support if you continue to have this issue.

For libraries using IE 11:
  • New ILL requests and status updates do not appear as quickly as expected.
  • The "Need by date" field in the ILL request form does not offer a date picker and does not indicate the required format.
  • Other issues

Support for IE 11 was discontinued in August 2021.



See all fixed My Account known issues.

Relais D2D

Relais 2D2 known issues

There are no known issues at this time.


Relais ILL

Relais ILL known issues

There are no known issues at this time.



Tipasa known issues


Issue Details

In My Account, the Cancel Request button doesn't always cancel the request. 

If your library allows users to cancel ILL requests online, the Cancel Request button doesn't cancel the request. 

Workaround: Consider disabling this feature until this is fixed. 

Any shelving location, branch location, or local call number that includes non-Latin characters will not display correctly for Tipasa libraries with OPAC integration. This includes places in the staff interface, such as the Local ID field, as well as on printouts. 

Fix date planned for 2022. 

If diacritics are present in the name of a shelving or branch location, the location will not display correctly in the staff interface for Tipasa libraries with OPAC integration. his includes places in the staff interface, such as the Local ID field, as well as on printouts. 

Fix date planned for 2022. 

When selecting "Clear with fee payment required (CCG)", the staff interface displays a message that states "No best match found in the CCC results". This message usually appears when more than one CCC match is found, however, it is errantly displaying when exactly one match is found. 


Please note that this message is a display issue and does not impact Copyright Clearance or CCC functionality. 

A small number of requests become stuck in an undefined status before they're sent to lenders and will show as Undefined in My Account. If you experience this, please contact OCLC Customer Support.

OCLC is working to fix these requests so that they will become unstuck and to prevent the problem from happening again

Batch responding Yes as a lender results in an error message if Constant Data is applied during the batch process.   
The Chat feature often used in Custom Link 1 in Service Config> WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local>User Interface Options> Custom links is not working from the User Portal.  Work-around

To make Chat available to your library users from My Account, you can add an additional link link in the Resources menu (formerly Library Links).

To do this:

  1. Go to OCLC Service Configuration and navigate to WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > User Interface Options > Custom Links.
    Note: If the Chat widget is already set up as Custom link 1, and you would like the Chat function to continue to display within WorldCat Discovery, do not make any changes to Custom link 1.
  2. Add a new Custom link for your Chat service with:

·         Link type: other

·         URL: <URL for your virtual reference service>

·         Display text: <descriptive text>

  1. Save Changes.

On resubmitted requests, the asterisk may not be displayed on the correct occurrence of the symbol in the lender string when the lender appears more than once.  It will be displayed on the first occurrence in the string, even if the request has actually moved to the later occurrence. This is purely cosmetic and does not affect functionality. 

WMS OPAC lookup puts duplicated Branch and Shelving Location into Local ID

Work-around: Delete branch location from Local ID field and save prior to printing.  
Patron’s ‘Preferred Edition’ is replaced with 'Any Edition' in new borrowing requests that do not match a Direct Request profile New borrowing requests that match a Direct Request profile display the patron’s Preferred Edition correctly.  However, new requests that do not match a profile will display 'Any edition', regardless of the value selected on the patron request form.  Borrowing staff can select a different value (“Most recent edition” or “This edition”) and lenders will see the correct value.



See all fixed Tipasa known issues.

WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat Discovery known issues
Issue Details
Search Error: For some keyword and title searches, users receive an error message instead of search results. Some of the search terms reported include: fluoxetine, fentanyl, mirtazapine, sertraline, escitalopram, tamoxifen, letrozole, ivermectin, carbasalate, the consultant’s toolkit, peaches, paroxetine, Missouri River Basin Studies. Targeted Resolution: TBA
Full-text embargo: For some articles, held-by statements are not honoring the full-text embargo period Targeted Resolution: TBA
Branch scoping: In some instances, holdings display incorrectly when search is scoped to the branch that holds them  Targeted Resolution: TBA
Incorrect holdings: For some items, incorrect holdings display depending on what index user searches Targeted Resolution: TBA

Multiple e-links: In an effort to better support e-serial discovery and access, we unintentionally introduced a regression with our May install which added an extra click to the user journey when accessing electronic articles. We are investigating the issue and plan to resolve with the June install which is currently scheduled for June 29th.

Targeted Resolution: June 2022



See all fixed WorldCat Discovery known issues.

WorldCat Matching

WorldCat Matching known issues

There are no known issues at this time.

WorldCat Validation

WorldCat Validation known issues

There are no known issues at this time.


WorldShare Acquisitions

WorldShare Acquisitions known issues
Issue Details

Sorting invoice items by budget/fund on invoice

Sorting invoice items by budget/fund on the invoice page does not work temporarily. This was causing bad data to display on this page and had to be disabled while a fix could be created. We are evaluating options now for fixing this problem.

Identified: April 2022

Pay and mark as ready buttons not displaying on imported invoices

If you import an invoice into WMS, the resulting invoice will not have the Pay or Mark as Ready buttons on it. You have to make a change to the invoice and save it, and the buttons will appear. We will fix this in an upcoming release.

Identified: April 2022

Inconsistent or missing results with Call Number Browse search

When using the Call Number Browse search in Record Manager, results may not be returned as expected. The search may return a list of 10 results instead of 20 results or results might be missing title information.  It may take longer than two minutes for newly added Local Holdings Records (LHRs) to appear in the Call Number Browse search results.

Workaround: If the results appear inconsistent, close the search tab and attempt your search again. If you are searching for a call number for a newly added LHR, attempt your search later.  
Matching sometimes not working when importing order data

Sometimes, when importing MARC order data without OCLC Numbers, the system will fail to match all the records in the file to WorldCat. In this case, it will give an “undeclared Java exception,” and none of the items will match. This happens intermittently with MARC order imports.

We are currently investigating this issue, but in the meantime, try the file again until it works.  
Identified: December 2021
Notify vendor checkbox selected when placing orders even if there are no notification settings

Sometimes, when you place an order, the Notify vendor checkbox will be selected even if you have not set any notification settings for ordering for this vendor.

This problem should be fixed in the next release.
Identified: August 2021

Workaround: To deselect the notify vendor checkbox:
  • Navigate to the vendor page under Acquisitions Settings and create a specific notification setting for action Ordering that specifies the delivery method of "Do not send."
  • Deselect the Notify vendor checkbox each time you place an order.


See all fixed WorldShare Acquisitions known issues.

WorldShare Circulation

WorldShare Circulation known issues


Issue Details

Call number browsing returns unexpected results

Call number browsing returns unexpected results for some institutions.

Identified: July 2021

Workaround: Use call number searching or browse call numbers in Record Manager.


Offline Client and POS Printer Server Application do not run from the Start Menu on Java versions later than Java 8u162

Later versions of Java 8 introduced a bug which will fail to launch applications from the Start Menu of your workstation.

Note: Java 9 and higher are not yet supported.

Identified: May 2018

Workaround: Install Java SE Runtime Environment 8u162 or earlier to run the Offline Client and POS printer application from your workstation's Start Menu. If you must run a later version of Java 8, you can still run the applications by executing the JNLP files directly (i.e. wms-offline-circulation.jnlp and wms-posprinter-server.jnlp).


See all fixed WorldShare Circulation known issues.

WorldShare Collection Evaluation

WorldShare Collection Evaluation known issues


Issue Details

Date last circulated/Number of times circulated filtering error

An error message appears when attempting to filter My Library or a Unique/Shared Titles Comparison by date last circulated or number of times circulated.

Workaround: Attempt to filter the chart a second time. In most cases, the filter will work on a successive attempt.

This issue will be addressed in a future release.

Benchmark Comparison preview error

An error message appears when attempting to preview a Benchmark Comparison.

Workaround: Attempt to render the preview a second time. In most cases, the preview function will work on a successive attempt.

This issue will be addressed in a future release.

Unique/Shared Titles Comparison against Hathi error

A Unique/Shared Titles Comparison against Hathi fails to load.

Workaround: Attempt to run the comparison a second time. In most cases, the comparison will work on a successive attempt.

This issue will be addressed in a future release.


See all fixed WorldShare Collection Evaluation known issues.

WorldShare Collection Manager

WorldShare Collection Manager known issues


Issue Details

The Date format on articles is impacting being "held by" and the article links

When determining whether an item is held by the library or when creating and displaying links to publishers’ websites, the WorldCat knowledge base is not properly handling article dates that include a season (e.g., Spring 2022) or range of months (e.g., Jan/Feb 2022).

Title matches between WorldCat knowledge base and WorldCat Discovery are too broad

Links returned from WorldCat knowledge base to WorldCat Discovery are based on broader search terms than expected, resulting in some title mismatches.

OCLC is working to correct this issue. We installed the first iteration of fixes Tuesday, 21 September, EDT. Another iteration will follow. We will continue to update you.

"Held by" statement for titles under embargo

In WorldCat Discovery, when search results contain an article or item from a knowledge base title that has an embargo period or moving wall of coverage, links will correctly display or not display in alliance with the coverage information in your knowledge base title. However, the "Held by" statement uses different logic. It is a known issue that the statement might appear for items not yet available, including those that correctly do not surface links.
Similarly, if a journal title in your knowledge base has multiple coverage ranges with gaps in coverage, articles that surface in Discovery search results that fall within the gap of coverage will have a "Held by" statement.  

Note: For proper link display, your settings must be correct:

  • In WorldShare Collection Manager, Institution Settings > Coverage > Use Coverage to Determine Holdings should be set to Yes
  • In OCLC Service Configuration, under Default Databases and Licensed Content, Treat as held should be disabled for your selections


    WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

    WorldShare Interlibrary Loan known issues
    Issue Details
    Automation is not considering coverage dates from the Knowledge Base when building a lender string. If a potential lender owns the title but has specified they do not hold the requested volume, issue, or date, they will still be added to the lender string. Fix planned for 2022. 

    A small number of requests become stuck in an undefined status before they're sent to lenders and will show as Undefined in My Account. If you experience this, please contact OCLC Customer Support.

    OCLC is working to fix these requests so that they will become unstuck and to prevent the problem from happening again

    Resubmitting a request results in an error message when a lender in a previous attempt goes non-supply.  Work-around: Create a new request using the Copy function. 
    Batch responding Yes as a lender results in an error message if Constant Data is applied during the batch process.   

    Please note that this known issue only applies to Referral Center members, a small subset of ILL users. 

    If a Referral Center member changes the fulfillment type from Interlibrary Loan to Purchase, the request is no longer accessible in their borrowing queues.  The request ID is still findable by searching on the Home page. 

    Work-around: Do not change the fulfillment type of an Interlibrary Loan request when signed in as a member of a Referral Center.  ILL staff at the management center are still able to adjust the fulfillment type as needed. 
    Patron’s ‘Preferred Edition’ is replaced with 'Any Edition' in new borrowing requests that do not match a Direct Request profile New borrowing requests that match a Direct Request profile display the patron’s Preferred Edition correctly.  However, new requests that do not match a profile will display 'Any edition', regardless of the value selected on the patron request form.  Borrowing staff can select a different value (“Most recent edition” or “This edition”) and lenders will see the correct value.
    The borrower's maximum cost amount is moved to the Borrowing Notes field (i.e. MC:25.00) when staff submit a request for Direct Request processing from the WorldShare ILL staff interface. Note that the IFM checkbox selection will be retained. Work-around: Manually build the lender string and submit to lenders.



    See all fixed WorldShare Interlibrary Loan known issues.

    WorldShare License Manager

    WorldShare License Manager known issues

    There are no known issues at this time.

    WorldShare Record Manager

    WorldShare Record Manager known issues


    Issue Details

    Incorrect search results when using Boolean NOT

    Search queries that contain a Boolean "NOT" operator do not return correct results if the  term linked with NOT is in local data (LBD or LHRs).

    Local holdings record summary is removed when moving an LHR to a different bibliographic record

    When you move an LHR to a different bibliographic record, the summary for the LHR is removed which can impact the item availability display for libraries using WorldCat Discovery.

    Workaround: When moving an LHR to a different bibliographic record, use the Build Automated Summary option in the MARC 21 editor to add a summary until this issue has been resolved. 
    Cannot delete a text or field string if the name of the string contains diacritics

    If diacritics are used within the name of the text or field string, the text or field string cannot be deleted from the Toolbox.
    Workaround: Do not use diacritics in text or field string names until this issue has been resolved.  

    Shortcut for label printing

    When you are in an LHR and attempt to use the shortcut key for label printing twice in one field, you only receive one entry on the label list.

    Workaround: Click on a new field within the LHR and execute the shortcut key again.


    See all fixed WorldShare Record Manager known issues.

    WorldShare Reports

    WorldShare Reports known issues
    Issue Details
    Searching for report templates returns unexpected results

    When utilizing the report template searching feature in WorldShare Report Designer, library staff may receive unexpected or missing results based on their search criteria.

    Identified: 11 April 2022

    Workaround: None

    Patron Pickup Location not populating in Interlibrary Loan universe

    The Request Patron Pickup Location field in the Interlibrary Loan universe is returning 'N/A' for all ILL requests created after January 31, 2019.

    Identified: 13 June 2022

    Workaround: None

    Fixed issues

    Fixed issues - Table
    Issue Fix date
    Some COUNTER 5 TR_B1 metrics in reports may be less than actuals

    COUNTER 5 TR_B1 title data from vendors that don’t contain any ISBN, Proprietary ID, DOI, Print ISSN, Online ISSN or URI are not currently being loaded and therefore may impact associated reporting on this usage type. I.e., the counts associated with TR_B1 may be lower than actuals. Note that most records from vendors contain at least one of these values and those records are not impacted.
    18 November 2021
    Some encumbered and expended amounts in Acquisitions are off by .01

    Acquisitions reports that include Encumbered Amount or Expended Amount may see some line items off by .01 in their unit of currency (e.g., off by a penny in USD).

    2 September 2021
    Bibliographic data for Series Statement and Uniform Title Added Entry may be inconsistent

    For users with Report Designer, the bibliographic data for Series Statement and Uniform Title Added Entry may be inconsistent in the following universes: Cataloging, LHR Item Detail, Institution Title Holdings, Group Titles, Group Activity. This issue impacts titles added or updated in WorldCat after June 2020.
    27 May 2021
    Material subformat showing N/A for Manuscript

    The new Manuscript material subformats introduced in WorldShare Discovery in December 2019 are displaying as N/A in WorldShare Reports and Report Designer. The Cataloging/Collection reports are impacted, as well as the following universes: Cataloging, LHR Item Detail, Institution Title Holdings, Group Titles, Group Activity.
    27 May 2021

    The LHR Item Barcode field in the LHR Item Detail universe is displaying "null" instead of "N/A" in the some cases where item barcode is missing

    In some cases where LHR 876-878 $p or 852 $p is not populated, users may see "null" in the LHR Item Barcode field in the LHR Item Detail universe. These records should instead be displaying item barcode as "N/A". Users executing the LHR Duplicate Barcodes report may notice large numbers of duplicate barcodes for "null", as that value is not excluded from the query (but "N/A" is excluded).

    10 July 2020

    Copy Received Date is not being set for monographic series

    The Copy Received Date is not being set in Acquisitions for the monographic series. All order items with processing type MONOGRAPHIC_SERIES currently have their received date set to 0001-01-01. In order to see MONOGRAPHIC_SERIES records in the Receiving Activity by Location report you will need to set the From Received Date prompt to 0001-01-01. However, please note the volumes under the monographic series will have the correct Copy Received Date populated with the date the volumes were marked as received.

    29 April 2020

    Removed Titles List includes extraneous entries

    The Removed Titles List may include entries for titles that your library removed from your holdings in a previous period. If your library removed a holding on a WorldCat record that was subsequently merged/de-duplicated, you may see an entry in the Removed Titles List for the date when the records were merged.

    22 January 2020

    Patron Last Modified Date and Patron Last Modified User fields incorrect

    After the product release on 15 November 2019, the Patron Last Modified Date field incorrectly contains no data and the Patron Last Modified User field incorrectly contains a date value. This issue impacts the Patron Information Detail Report and the weekly SFTP Patron files, as well as these fields in the Circulation universes.

    23 November 2019

    Monthly Circulation Statistics Report is not displaying all counts for renewals  

    The Monthly Circulation Statistics Report has a filter to exclude data where branch names = N/A.  Starting in February 2019, Circulation no longer associates a branch with automatic renewals, and therefore the Monthly Circulation Statistics Report began misreporting (understating) this renewal type, since it isn't including counts for unassigned branches (where branch names = N/A).

    13 September 2019

    Item Days in Transit and Item Days overdue measures are calculated incorrectly

    Following the 28 June 2019 Install, the Item Days in Transit and Item Days Overdue measures in the Circulation Item Status universe are not being calculated correctly. This affects the Items in Transit and Overdue Items Aging Reports, as well as any custom reports created in Report Designer that utilize these measures.

    28 August 2019

    Circulation statistics may be incorrect for some items

    Some circulation statistics, such as last inventoried date and issued count, may be incorrect for some items. This affects the Circulation Item Status universe and the Circulation Item Inventories FTP file. 

    26 July 2019

    Place of Publication is sourced from incorrect field

    The place of publication is currently being pulled from the 257 $a field, although it should come from either the 260 or 264 $a fields as the field definition indicates. This affects the following universes: Group Activity, Group Titles, Institution Title holdings, and LHR Item Detail.  This also affects the Titles Held by a Single Institution standard report. 

    28 June 2019

    The Average Days to Fulfillment column in the Vendor Performance report is calculating incorrectly

    The Average Days to Fulfillment column (and the underlying Time to Fulfillment field) in the Vendor Performance report in Acquisitions is not calculating correctly.  In many cases, this field displays 0 days when it shouldn’t be. 

    As a workaround,  Report Designer users may be able to create a separate report at the detail level, and create a variable to get the difference in days between the Order Date and the Received Date for a given order item copy.

    28 June 2019

    Using the newest version of Google Chrome causes unusual behavior in WorldShare Reports and Report Designer

    Users using the newest version of the Google Chrome browser may experience odd behavior in WorldShare Reports and Report Designer. This affects users using version 75 of Chrome. This is due to a third-party software dependency, and we’re working with the vendor towards resolution. 

    14 June 2019

    The Outstanding Fees and Bills report is currently unavailable

    OCLC is working to restore access as quickly as possible.  If a library has this report scheduled, the execution and delivery of the report will be impacted until access is restored.

    25 February 2019

    Event Date/Time does not display time of the event

    The Event Date/Time column in Circulation reports and the Event Date/Time object in the Circulation Events Detail Universe does not display the time of the event. All times are reflected as 0:00. This specifically impacts the Circulation Events Detail Report and the Daily Payments Report.

    17 November 2018

    New Titles List report is missing data for Local Item Call Number and Local Item Permanent Shelving Location

    The New Titles List report is missing Local Item Call Number and Local Item Permanent Shelving Location information if the title was added after 10 August 2018. This information may also be missing from the Removed Titles List report.

    29 October 2018

    WorldShare Document Delivery Reports are underreporting data

    The WorldShare Document Delivery Reports for Tipasa are inaccurate from May 2018-present. Some statistics may be underreported.

    27 September 2018

    Patron status field contains erroneous blank entries

    The Patron Status field has erroneous blank entries in the Borrower Resource Sharing Stats Report accessed from OCLC Usage Statistics.

    25 September 2018

    ILL Reasons for No Reports in OCLC Usage Statistics have a large number of 'Unspecified' entries

    OCLC Reasons for No reports for both Borrowing and Lending are currently reporting an unusually large count for 'Unspecified' in OCLC Usage Statistics ( We are continuing our investigation as to the cause. This issue has been cross-posed in the Resource Sharing known issues.

    8 August 2018

    Interlibrary Loan Statistics are inaccurate for the month of May

    Interlibrary loan data in the OCLC Usage Statistics portal ( and WorldShare Tipasa Reports is currently inaccurate for the month of May.  Reports in OCLC Usage Statistics portal have been reverted to April 2018 data until the issue is resolved. WorldShare Tipasa Reports are inaccurate and should not be utilized until the issue is resolved.

    29 June 2018

    Open Holds Report Missing Some Hold Requests

    The Open Holds report displays hold requests that have an associated item barcode. If a hold request does not have an associated barcode, it will be excluded from the report. This means most Title-level hold requests may not appear in the report.

    25 April 2018

    Acquisitions Open Encumbrances Report may display encumbered amounts for paid order items

    For Acquisitions order items that consist of multiple copies, the Open Encumbrances Report may display an encumbrance for the order item even after all copies have been invoiced and paid. If you need an accurate total for encumbrance by fund, the Fund Balance Report still calculates and displays the correct Amount Encumbered value.

    6 April 2018

    Holds List Report running long or timing out

    Libraries may experience performance issues when executing the Holds List Report. The report may run for a long period of time or simply time out.

    6 April 2018

    LHR Item Textual Holdings display as N/A

    LHR Item Textual Holdings are displayed as N/A in the LHR Item Detail universe when valid 866-868 $a data is available. Specifically, if the 866-868 field is linked to an 876-878 field that includes a $p (LHR Item Barcode).

    6 April 2018

    Circulation Dashboard may return partial results

    The Circulation Dashboard may return partial results for institutions with large collections, resulting in a report that contains inaccurate data. Partial results are indicated by a small yellow triangle in the bottom right of the window after the report is run.

    29 November 2017

    LHR Index Enumeration and Chronology is no longer blank

    The LHR Index Enumeration and Chronology field was blank/empty in the LHR Item Detail universe in the U.S. Data Center. After this release, LHR Index Enumeration and Chronology field will be populated with the correct value, or “N/A” if there is no value present.

    29 November 2017

    Title ISBN sometimes missing/incomplete

    The Title ISBN value is incorrectly set to N/A or is incomplete for some WorldCat titles. This issue impacts Report Designer customers who have created reports with the Title ISBN object in the following universes:

    • Cataloging (Volatility Information folder)
    • LHR Item Details
    • Overlap
    29 November 2017

    New Titles List and Removed Titles List Reports missing records

    Reports run for start year month, end year month to include dates 23 September 2017 – 26 September 2017 may be missing records.

    Additionally, queries generated with data from the Cataloging Universe>Title Volatility Information folder may be missing records for date ranges 23 September 2017 – 26 September 2017.

    27 September 2017

    Base Collection ID prompt in WorldCat knowledge base - My Collection Overlap Summary Report

    The prompt options for Base Collection ID are not limited to the collections that the institution has selected in the KB.

    30 June 2017

    Institution shared folder does not display in the Report Launch Pad

    After opening at least one report from the Analytics tab, a user who subsequently opens the Report Launch Pad will not see their institution folder.

    30 June 2017
    Monthly Circulation Statistics Report allows multiple Begin Date and End Date values

    The Begin Date and End Date prompts for the Monthly Circulation Statistics Report allow the user to select multiple values, e.g., the default End Date prompt of 'Month' and a specific YYYY-MM. The report will not run if multiple values are selected in the prompt.
    30 June 2017
    Scheduling destination cannot be edited

    The 'Destinations' option in the scheduling menu is not visible for reports saved in the institution shared folder or in My Favorites. Note that the scheduling options for the WorldShare Reports in the other Public Folders are working as expected.
    30 June 2017
    Title Holdings Quantity for December 2016 is lower than expected

    For non-U.S. customers, the Title Holdings Quantity for December 2016 is lower than expected. Please disregard this month's data in the Title Holdings by Material Format report, Title Holdings by Material Format and Publish Date, and reports created from the Title Holdings folder in the Cataloging universe.
    15 June 2017
    WorldCat knowledge base overlap data not updated at the end of March 2017

    Data in the WorldCat knowledge base Collection Overlap reports and the Overlap universe was not updated at the end of March 2017. The data is accurate as of the end of February 2017.
    1 May 2017
    New Titles List and Removed Titles List display incorrect bibliographic details

    Title details in the New Titles List, Removed Titles List, and reports created from the Volatility Information folder in the Cataloging universe may be incorrect in reports that were run on 31 March 2017 through 27 April 2017.
    28 April 2017
    Cataloging and LHR Item Detail in the U.S. data center are refreshed later than expected

    As of the March 2017 release, there is a daily refresh rate for the New Titles List, Removed Titles List, Title Volatility data in the Cataloging universe, and the LHR Item Detail universe. For U.S. data center customers, this daily refresh may not be complete until ~10:00 am Eastern Daylight Time.
    28 April 2017
    Display of Metadata reports

    The Record Manager usage reports display with odd formatting, including the display of report data above the main WorldShare menu.
    6 April 2017
    Reports not reflecting data for part of 2017-03-20

    All universes with a daily refresh rate were not updated in the Sydney data center for activity from approximately 1:00 pm until midnight AEDT on 20 March 2017. WorldShare and custom reports run for this time frame may display incomplete data.
    21 March 2017
    Reports not reflecting data for 2017-03-19

    All universes with a daily refresh rate were not updated in the European, Canadian, and U.S. data centers for activity on 2017-03-19, local data center time. WorldShare and custom reports do not have data for this time frame.
    20 March 2017
    Circulation and Acquisitions not reflecting data for 4 October 2016

    Circulation and Acquisitions universes were not updated with data for 4 October 2016.
    5 October 2016
    Circulation Events, Fiscal Transactions, and Hold Requests may include inaccurate patron details

    Circulation event staff name or patron data (e.g., name, barcode, category, etc.) may display incorrectly in reports built from the Circulation Events, Circulation Fiscal Transactions, and Circulation Hold Requests universes.
    1 October 2016
    Circulation Events and Circulation Fiscal Transactions not reflecting data for 8-9 September 2016

    The Circulation Events and Circulation Fiscal Transactions universes were not updated in the Sydney data center for activity between approximately 2:00 am AEST on 8 September until 4:00 pm AEST on 9 September. WorldShare and custom circulation reports for this timeframe may display incomplete data.
    13 September 2016
    Circulation Events and Circulation Fiscal Transactions not reflecting data for 24 August 2016

    The Circulation Events and Circulation Fiscal Transactions universes were not updated with data for 24 August.
    26 August 2016


      See all fixed WorldShare Reports known issues.