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Authorized Users

Learn how to authorize users to manage your WorldCat registry profile in OCLC Service Configuration.

Use this screen to authorize users to manage this profile. To access this screen, sign in to Service Configuration, open the WorldCat Registry left navigation and select Authorized Users.

 Note:  Removing the user's authorization does not delete the user's account; it only dissociates it from the institution profile.

  • OCLC Services Accounts are used to access WorldShare and can also be used to access Service Configuration. You must have a WorldShare Circulation or WorldShare ILL Admin role associated with your OCLC Services Account to access the Service Configuration.  See WorldShare Admin, Roles for more information.

See Sign in to OCLC Service Configuration for more information.

OCLC Services Accounts

Select the OCLC Services Accounts tab to authorize WorldShare account users to manage this profile.

To add a user:

  1. Click Request to add a User. The Authorize This User screen will appear.
  2. Enter the required information:
    • First Name: The first name of the user as listed in the WorldShare Admin record.
    • Last Name: The last name of the user as listed in the WorldShare Admin record.
    • User Email Address: The email address of the user as listed in the WorldShare Admin record.
    • User Registry ID: The Registry ID is the numerical identifier for the institution.
  3. Click Send Request to OCLC. When verified, the user name will appear in the Authorized Users list.
  4. Click Save

To delete a user:

  1. Click the check box next to the Username.
  2. Click Remove Selected Users.
  3. Click Save.