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What are all the reasons for no in the "Resource Sharing Lender Reasons for No Report"?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan 

Here is a complete list of the reasons a lender can use for Not sending an item on an ILL request:

  • No reason given
  • In use/On loan
  • Lacking volume/issue
  • Not owned
  • Non-circulating
  • Not on shelf/Missing
  • Policy problem
  • Item too new to loan
  • On reserve
  • Publisher embargo
  • Not licensed to fill
  • On order
  • Volume/issue not yet available
  • Cost exceeds limit
  • Not found as cited
  • Offsite
  • Technical processing
  • Poor condition
  • Requested delivery services not supported
  • Preferred delivery time not possible
  • At bindery
  • Prepayment required
  • System checked availability
  • No - Other
Additional information

We have more information available about the Resource Sharing Lender Reasons for No Report.

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