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How do we avoid getting any ILL requests sent over a break?


Applies to
  • WorldShare Interlibrary Loan

We had our ILL lending status set to "No" starting on the date of our break.  However, we still received requests while our library was on break. Can you clarify what happened so we can better be prepared for future breaks?


When we looked at the request viewer for the requests that came in during the break period, we found that they were sent in before the ILL lending status was set to "No".

What happened was that you got the request before the break and said "yes - conditional" and the other library responded that they were okay with the lending.  Then, the request came back to your library during the break period.  This is because it was in an active status, and not a new request.

To avoid this happening again, the best practice is to set the ILL supplier status to "no" and then also set the hours in the schedule tab in the policies directory.  It is best to set the ILL supplier status to "no" a few days before going on break to prevent requests like these from coming in.  So, if the break starts on December 24th, start the "no" supplier status on December 21st.  This gives enough time to clear out old requests.


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